Description and uses

The jointer is a single purpose machine that mills one edge or face of your material flat. It can help establish perpendicular surfaces or edges on boards prior to joining them edge-to-edge, producing wider boards to be later fed through the planer. Multiple passes may be needed to get an edge flat. The jointer is equipped with a special helical cutter head with 4 rows of carbide inserts for a total of 16 inserts. This cutter head spins at a constant 5000 rpm. The amount of material removed is determined by raising or lowering the infeed table. The outfeed table is not adjusted. Normally, the infeed table is set to remove about 1/32” (1 mm) of material per pass. This should be sufficient for most applications. Ask the workshop technician for assistance in adjusting infeed table height.

Further considerations

  • Wood must be fed with the grain and never across the grain since the cutter head may shatter the wood and cause damage to the machine.
  • Verify location of on off switch and/or emergency power disconnect.
  • Use paddles to push wood instead of bare hands.
  • Never remove the cutter guard.
  • Do not joint wood that has loose knots or serious defects.
  • Make sure that the work piece is free of nails or foreign objects that could cause personal injury or damage to the machine.

Tip: Warped wood can be “flattened” or straightened using the jointer by using many light passes. Time and patience are required. This may be necessary before passing your lumber through the table saw.