Oscillating spindle sander

Oscillating spindle sander.

Description and uses

This is a handy tool used to sand inside curves and special shapes. There are a variety of different sized drums from ¼” to 4” diameter to suit various shapes. Ask the workshop technician for assistance in changing drums. All drums have a sanding sleeve over them. Do not use a drum without a sanding sleeve as it will damage the drum surface. There are three different table inserts to be used with various sized drums so the work piece does not fall through the table. The drum rotates at a constant 1725 rpm and will also oscillate up and down in a 1 ½” stroke, creating a very smooth sanding motion. This sander is a very good complement to the scroll saw as it can remove cutting marks from the curved surfaces that are left by the saw blade.

Further considerations

  • Material thickness is restricted to the length of the sanding drum at its lowest point in the stroke.
  • Verify location of on off switch and/or emergency power disconnect.
  • Ensure that the table is clear of materials, tools, and debris.
  • Secure loose items of clothing and long hair before use.
  • Never reach under the table while the machine is running.
  • Sanding creates lots of dust. Attach a vacuum hose to the port at the back of the machine and run dust extractor while drum sander is in use.