Scroll saw

Scroll saw.

Description and uses

This is a handy tool used to cut curves and special shapes. A scroll saw is an electric saw useful for cutting intricate curves where a jigsaw, coping saw or bandsaw is not appropriate. It is somewhat similar to a bandsaw, but the bandsaw’s blade is a continuous loop. Scroll saws use small, delicate saw blades and operate through a quick reciprocating up and down motion similar to the needle in a sewing machine. This is probably one of the safest cutting tools in the shop and most people enjoy its “freehand” nature of use. The scroll saw has no fence or mitre gauge attachment, so straight cuts are not its strong point.

Further considerations

  • The blade is delicate and easy to break. Do not force the material through the blade.
  • The thicker the material, the slower you can feed it through the blade.
  • Material thickness is restricted to about ¾” (20mm) or less. Harder material should be thinner.
  • Verify location of on off switch and/or emergency power disconnect.
  • Check to ensure the blade is tensioned properly.
  • Check to ensure the blade is not broken.
  • Ensure that the table is clear of materials, tools, and debris.
  • Secure loose items of clothing and long hair before use.
  • Never reach under the table while the machine is running.