Lab space

Our new lab space is currently being designed. 

Observational Suite A Blueprint

The proposed lab space for the FamilyPsycle Lab will include two observational suites. 

Observation Suite A will be located within our lab space on the 3rd floor of the PAS building at the University of Waterloo. This space will be an assessment setting with two rooms: one observation suite and one observation room. The observation suite will be designed to replicate a family room setting with faux wood floors, decorated walls, couches, and chairs to create a comfortable environment. Objects within the room will change based on the needs of the study (e.g., toys, electronics, etc.) The observation suite will be outfitted with four workstations and a station for monitoring and viewing data collected in the observation suites. 

Observation Suite B is the shared departmental clinic, the Centre for Mental Health Research and Treatment. This clinical includes three rooms outfitted for a variety of assessment and therapeutic services, including observation suites. 

Locations of observation suites A and B in PAS building.