Workshop Content

FemPhys loves workshops. We run professional development workshops, with the goal of covering skills not usually addressed in physics undergraduate or graduate degrees through a critical lens. Some of our workshops have an explicit focus on specific inequities and how to make inroads towards addressing them.  We've made some of the resources from the workshops available here!

Efficient and Equitable Meetings - meeting toolbox

Meeting skills are often overlooked in academic disciplines. Efficient and equitable meetings can genuinely improve collaboration and inclusion. This toolbox gives a breakdown of useful skills and a checklist to practice to make meetings better for all attendees. Created Fall 2016 by Carolyn Earnest and Emma McKay.

Tone Policing - notes

This workshop covered a specific enactment of oppression whereby the arguments made by marginalized folks are dismissed because of their tone. Specific examples and strategies to identify tone policing and redirect conversation were discussed. Offered Fall 2016 by Carolyn Earnest.

Reading Research for Undergrads - handout - slides

This workshop introduced the publishing world, the point of academic papers, and lots of literature searching and reading strategies to young researchers. Offered Winter 2017 by Emma McKay.

Harassment and Consent in Academia

FemPhys has run many discussions and workshops on harassment in academia. Check out the Walk the Talk handout and resources from a lightning workshop offered in 2017 by Morgan Mastrovich and Hussam Anjum, and a handout from a workshop offered in 2018 by Teddy Ayyoob.

Emotional Labour and Burnout in Academia - discussion outline - resources

The distribution of emotional tasks is highly unequal in society, with higher workloads taken on by marginalized folks like women of colour. This discussion covered essential definitions and various skills to improve one's ability to perform emotional tasks and better distribute them amongst ourselves. Offered 2018 by Hussam Anjum, Sultan Ashok, and Josh Ruebeck.

How to Conference - slides - handout

Conferences are an important part of every academic field, and they can be especially difficult for young researchers, anxious folk, and marginalized folk. This workshop aimed to inform new researchers about conferences and discuss lots of management skills so they can be their best selves even in new situations. Offered in 2018 by Emma McKay.