Get involved

Students interested in research opportunities are encouraged to carefully read the information on this page regarding doctoral (PhD) research degrees, master's (MSc) research degrees, and undergraduate (fourth year thesis) research projects.

Please consider the following in advance:

  • Become familiar with the group's research interests (see for example, publications or current research projects). Students should broadly have interest in: environmental health; infectious disease epidemiology; foodborne diseases and food safety; systems approaches to food and health; and/or knowledge synthesis and public health practice.
  • A strong academic record in epidemiology and either statistics or qualitative methods is required.

For PhD or MSc:

  • See additional information and ensure your eligibility on graduate programs in the School of Public Health Sciences.
  • Ensure your background and research interests are appropriate.
  • Contact Professor Shannon Majowicz with your interest. Send with your initial email query, an electronic copy of your academic transcript(s) (unofficial is fine), a copy of your CV, and a paragraph regarding your research interests. Please comment on your English writing abilities if English is not your first language.

For fourth year undergraduate research projects:

  • Confirm your eligibility with the School of Public Health Sciences.
  • If eligible, send a resume/CV, transcript, and a paragraph about your research interests to Professor Shannon Majowicz.

We are unable to offer any volunteering opportunities at this time.