Welcome to the Functional Nanomaterials Lab for Sustainability and Health!

Our research focuses on the development of functional nanomaterials for a variety of applications, with a particular emphasis on sustainability and health. 

The Functional Nanomaterials Laboratory is located within the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, and makes extensive use of state-of-the art nanotechnology facilities at the University of Waterloo, including the Giga-to-Nanoelectronics Centre, the Quantum-Nano Centre, and the Waterloo Advanced Technology Laboratory. Located in southwestern Ontario, the University of Waterloo has been ranked the most innovative university in Canada more than 20 years in a row.

The group is led by professor Musselman, who was previously a research fellow in the Department of Physics and the Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy at the University of Cambridge. Professor Musselman is a member of the Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology and he is always looking for highly-motivated students and collaborators. Please see the Contact page for additional information.

  1. Jan. 19, 2021PhD students present their work at 2019 Fall MRS meeting

    PhD students Alex Jones, Khaled Ibrahim, and Abdullah Alshehri presented their work at the Fall MRS meeting in Boston in the Advanced ALD & CVD techniques and applications and Beyond Graphene 2D Materials—Synthesis, Properties and Device Applications symposia.

    In addition to co-organizing the Advanced ALD & CVD techniques and applications symposium, professor Musselman presented a talk in the silicon photovoltaics symposium.

  2. Jan. 19, 2021Functional Nanomaterials work features in UWaterloo press release

    Several co-op students banded together to create Canada's first Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition (SALD) system. It allows you to coat a surface with a substance layer a few atoms thick at a time. Professor Musselman plans to continue working on a commercial scale version of the system.

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  3. Sep. 18, 2020Professor Musselman publishes paper in Electrochemistry Communications

    As part of our ongoing project to bring nanomaterial technology to the public health sector, professor Musselman recently published a new paper Electrochemical removal of anodic aluminium oxide templates for the production of phase-pure cuprous oxide nanorods for antimicrobial surfaces.

    Read the paper online

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Meet our people


Kevin Musselman

Professor (PhD)

2010, Doctorate, Materials Science, University of Cambridge

Research Interests:
Nanomaterials, Spatial atomic layer deposition, Photovoltaic solar cells, Nanoelectronics and sensors