About Global Food Politics Group

The Global Food Politics Group (GFPG) is a group of researchers based at the University of Waterloo working on projects that focus on the political, social, economic and ecological dimensions of various global food and environmental issues.

The challenge of feeding the world’s population is one of the most pressing environmental issues facing humanity. Many current food production methods have negative environmental impacts that endanger not only sustainability but also future food security. Environmental sustainability goals, however, have not yet become central to food security governance arrangements at the international level. The Global Food Politics Group’s research touches on various aspects of this important challenge.

GFPG people.

GFPG People

The GFPG is a talented group with diverse backgrounds and interests. Read about the work being done by the current graduate students.

Food security and agricultural sustainability research.

Food security and agricultural sustainability research

GFPG researchers work on food and environment issues as they relate to trade, finance, technology and politics.

Dr. Jennifer Clapp

Dr. Jennifer Clapp

Jennifer Clapp holds a Canada Research Chair in Global Food Security and Sustainability in the Environment and Resource Studies Department at the University of Waterloo.