PhD candidate

Matthew GaudreauMatthew Gaudreau is a PhD candidate in the University of Waterloo’s Global Governance program at the Balsillie School of International Affairs.

His research focuses on the implications of China’s food security priority for global food and environmental governance. His doctoral research takes an historical approach to explain why the grain seed market in China has a distinct industrial structure, absent the concentration of multinational agribusiness. The project is informed by theory in economic nationalism, globalization, and broader global political economy.

Matt completed his MA at the University of Ottawa, examining the local environmental politics surrounding a river system in Nanjing, China. He has previously studied at Nanjing University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of Kentucky (SNA workshop), Yunnan Agricultural University, and Beijing University. His current research has been supported by SSHRC's J. A. Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship, the Balsillie Doctoral Fellowship, and the University of Waterloo.


Gaudreau, M. (2016). Plurality in China’s South–South Cooperation: The Case of Rice Projects in Mali. Facing China as a New Global Superpower, Springer.

Brunton, K. A., Bülles, A., & Gaudreau, M. (2016). Future landgrab solutions? The Evolution and Potential Impact of Public and Private Governance Initiatives at the Global Level. Governing Natural Resources for Africa’s Development. Routledge.

Li, Y., Degener, J., Gaudreau, M., Li, Y., & Kappas, M. (2016). Adaptive capacity based water quality resilience transformation and policy implications in rapidly urbanizing landscapes. Science of the Total Environment, 569, 168-178.

Gaudreau, M. (2015). Paradigm change and power in the world food system—Synthesis paper. Canadian Food Studies/La Revue canadienne des études sur l'alimentation, 2(2), 32-38.

Gaudreau, M., & Cao, H. (2015). Political Constraints on Adaptive Governance Environmental NGO Networks in Nanjing, China. The Journal of Environment & Development, 24(4).

Gaudreau, M. (2014). State and Society in China’s Environmental Politics. Global Environmental Politics, 14(4).

Current and Recent Activities:

  • Senior Policy Analyst, Canadian Dairy Commission
  • Research consultant with an IDRC funded project on ethnic minority inclusion in China’s frontier provinces (Xinjiang, Hainan, and Yunnan).
  • Research consultant with the Institute for Science, Society and Policy, working on issues of Science-Policy integration.
University of Waterloo

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