• Attend Graduate&Research (G&R) meetings
  • Attend faculty council meetings
  • Plan and organize social events
  • Approve funding applications
  • The voice of the graduate students to faculty, administration, etc

Vice president

  • BBQ planning and execution
  • Attend G&R meetings if president is unable to
  • Attend faculty council meetings if president is unable to
  • Help plan and organize social events
  • Attend monthly GSA meetings at grad house and forward info to grad students


  • Management of GIVS funds
  • Apply for grants
  • Purchase supplies for BBQs
  • Pop fridge duties
  • COSTCO Membership, if possible
  • Car and driver's license, if possible

Communications Officer

  • Sending out communications/announcement emails to staff, students and faculty about upcoming events
  • Design, take pictures and update GIVS website
  • Take meeting minutes

VSRSS Representative

  • Planning and help with execution of Vision Science Day at the U of W Graduate Student research conference
  • Help plan Vision Science Series seminars with other committee members
  • Gift purchasing and giving of gift at Vision Science Seminar Series seminars

If the president or others cannot attend the meetings - then the Vice President or other members are to go.

All positions support each other