Current students with GIVS stand outside the School buildings

Welcome to Graduates in Vision Science

The Graduates in Vision Science (GIVS) consists of the Master's and Doctoral students at the School of Optometry and Vision Science. With more than 40 students from countries all over the world, GIVS students are committed to furthering our advancement of knowledge in Vision Science and related disciplines, and is one of the largest vision science graduate program in the world. 

Your GIVS Council for 2023-2024

GIVS executive members for 20203 - 2024

(L to R: Allison Lynch, Marisa Ruth McKinney, Asiya Jabeen, Mana Monfared, Shilpa Gorla)


Daytech Manufacturing Ltd. Prize

Amy Chow 

Vivian Chan

Desmond Fonn Contact Lens Research Award

Alan Yee

Susmita Bose

The Dr. Emerson Woodruff Graduate Scholarship in Paediatrics

Taylor Brin

Class of 1948 Graduate Scholarship

Heinz Otchere

H. Winston Algate Award in Graduate Studies

Melanie Mungalsingh

University of Waterloo Science Senate Graduate Scholarship

Kirsten Carter

Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)

Angela Zhang

Best Paper Award at MICCAI OMIA Workshop

Amitojdeep Singh co-authors: Sourya Sengupta, Abdul Rasheed Mohammed, Ibrahim Faruq, Varadhu Jayakumar and Vasudevan Lakshminararayan

Sigma XI Award

Heinz Otchere

VPRI Graduate Student Award

Asiya Jabeen

Amit & Meena Chakma Award for Exceptional Teaching by a Student

Melanie Mungalsingh