Research project

Our Goal

The Municipal Net-Zero Action Research Partnership (N-ZAP) aims to support Canadian municipalities in monitoring, measuring and achieving their GHG mitigation goals. This research project will study and create improved measurement, analysis and monitoring systems for both municipal and community-wide GHG emissions. This will help to advance the quantification of GHG emissions, enable the application of methods to identify mitigation opportunities, and evaluate their effectiveness.

N-ZAP is a partnership between the University of Waterloo, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, ICLEI Canada, 11 other Canadian universities, nine other national organizations and 13 municipal governments. A full list can be found on our project partners page.

Project Local Agenda 21 (LA21) wrapped up in 2021. The goal of Project LA21 was to assist with the effective implementation of community sustainability plans (CSPs), and Local Agenda 21s through the examination of governance structures and outcomes. This included monitoring & measurement systems, decision-making structures, communication systems, inclusive partner engagement systems, and collective action mechanisms. We drew from and contributed to the strategic management, sustainability management, cross-sector partnerships, urban studies, sustainability justice and environmental studies literatures. Our work was done in collaboration with practitioners, and aimed to help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals #11, #13 and #17. For more information, see the archive available on this website.

The purpose of this website is to share information on our core research projects; N-ZAP and Project LA21. We provide an overview of the current student studies, and introduce the current research team participating in N-ZAP. The website also serves as a platform for N-ZAP and Project LA21 research dissemination, an overview of current research focuses, the resulting publications and past presentations.

N-ZAP Survey

N-ZAP is conducting a Canada-wide survey with the goal to capture the current state of municipal climate action across Canada.

By completing this survey, your municipality will:

  • Gain access to cutting-edge resources on climate accounting, measurement and collaborative governance produced by the N-ZAP team
  • Have the opportunity to join N-ZAP as a pilot city
  • Showcase the work and efforts of your community’s climate action in a publicly accessible database
  • Have the opportunity to contribute to the climate conversation at a national level

Take the survey here!