Sanjay Ketheeswaran

Sanjay Ketheeswaran
Sanjay Ketheeswaran is a second-year Undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo. He currently majors in Environment and Business (ENBUS) and looks to minor in Geography and Environment Management (GEM). Through his love for the visual arts, particularly from capturing nature photography, Sanjay developed a passion for the environment and has since become an advocate for both environmental preservation and climate action.

During his role as a Marketing and Communications Assistant for Project LA21, Sanjay synthesized research from journal articles, theses, and reports to design associated website content, presentations, and other forms of media that outlined the significance of sustainability community and climate action plans. He has also examined the analytics of the Project LA21 website using Google Analytics.

Sanjay was a member of the team from January - April 2021.


LinkedIn: Sanjay Ketheeswaran