Working Group 3

Objectives and deliverables

Objective: Enhance municipal monitoring and disclosure through carbon accounting, climate budgets, and Climate Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD), and integrate net-zero accounting and climate budgets into municipal level decision making, to enhance transparency on action and gaps, drive planning to close gaps and provide accountability.


  • Advanced technical guide for climate-related financial disclosure;  
  • Instruction manual based on advice on carbon accounting;
  • Improved tool to embed methods for carbon accounting.

Working Group members

Project co-chair: Megan Meaney, ICLEI Canada

Academic co-chair: Dr. Amr ElAlfy, University of Waterloo

Academic researcher: Jillene Diamond, Memorial University & University of Waterloo

 Academic researcher: Dr. David Talbot, École nationale d'administration publique

Academic researcher: Dr. Eduardo Ordonez-Ponce, Athabasca University 

Canadian Municipal Network for TCFD  

  •  Baïa Ouldsliman, Ville de Montréal
  • Charles Hatt and Duri Lee, City of Toronto
  • Lloyd Lee and Gregory Krueger, City of Vancouver
  • Abishek Chakraborti and Kent Bjornstad, City of Edmonton

Municipal representative: Caitlin Rodger, City of Barrie