Selected publications

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  1. † Xu P, Liu S, Z Zuo*, Pan Z*. (2021). On the criteria of large cavitation bubbles in a tube during a transient process, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 913.
  2. † Faiella M, Macmillan C, Whitehead J, and Pan Z* (2020) Error propagation dynamics of PIV-based pressure field calculations (2): on the error profile, Measurement Science and Technology. Invited (accepted, preprints available on arXiv)
  3. † Pan Z*, Zhang Y, Gustavsson J, Hickey JP, Cattafesta L*. (2020). Unscented Kalman filter (UKF) based nonlinear parameter estimation for a turbulent boundary layer: a data assimilation framework. Measurement Science and Technology. Invited
  4. Speirs N, Belden J, Pan Z, Holekamp S, Badlissi G, Jones M, Truscott T*. (2019). The water entry of a sphere in a jet. Journal of Fluid Mechanics. 863: 956-968.
  5. Speirs N, Mansoor M, Belden J, Hurd R, Pan Z, Truscott T*. (2018). Fluted films. Physical Review Fluids. 3(10) Milton Van Dyke Award Winner, Invited
  6. Pan Z*, Weyer F, Pitt W, Vandewalle N, Truscott T*. (2018). Drop on a bent fiber. Soft Matter. 14(19): 3724-3729. (On back cover)
  7. † Speirs N, Pan Z, Belden J, Truscott T*. (2018). The water entry of multi-droplet streams and jets. Journal of Fluid Mechanics. 844: 1084-1111.
  8. † Pan Z., Kiyama A, Tagawa Y, Daily J, Thomson S, Hurd R, Truscott T*. (2017). Cavitation onset caused by acceleration. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 32(114): 8470-8474.
  9. Hurd R, Speirs N, Belden J, Pan Z, Lovett B, Robinson W, Boyer M, Sharker S, Mansoor M, Merritt A, Truscott T*. (2017). The shear joy of watching paint dry. Physical Review Fluids.2(9) Milton Van Dyke award winner, Invited
  10. † Pan Z, Pitt W, Zhang Y, Wu N, Tao Y, Truscott T*. (2016). The upside-down water collection system of Syntricia Caninervis. Nature Plants. 2(7) On journal cover, Editor’s pick, most read article in Nature Plants (2014 – 2017), featured in more than 30 media outlets such as Nature, Science, the Washington Post, Huffington Post
  11. † Pan Z*, Whitehead J, Thomson S, Truscott T*. (2016). Error propagation dynamics of PIV-based pressure field calculations: How well does the pressure Poisson solver perform inherently?. Measurement Science and Technology. 27(8) Invited
  12. Hurd R, Fanning T, Pan Z, Mabey C, Bodily K, Hacking K, Speirs N, Truscott T*. (2015). Matryoshka cavity. Physics of Fluids. 27(9) Milton Van Dyke Award winner, Invited, On journal back cover

Selected journal contributions are listed here only. The full list of our publications can be found on Google Scholar and some preprints can be found on arXiv.