Welcome to the Justice, Affect and Morality (JAM) lab!

Principal Investigator: Dr. Annika Hillebrandt

Our lab is dedicated to advancing our understanding of people in the workplace. We focus on three interrelated topics:

Organizational justice

  • Our research in this stream focuses on employees' perceptions of (un)fairness in the workplace. We aim to address critical questions such as: How do employees determine what is "fair"? What happens when people feel unfairly treated? Why do "good" managers sometimes treat employees unfairly - and what can organizations do to prevent this?


  • Emotions play an important role in the workplace by influencing employees' attitudes and work behaviors. Our research focuses on the role of emotions in the contexts of organizational justice and morality. We aim to generate insights that can be used to effectively manage employees' emotions and prevent negative reactions.


  • Despite important efforts to eradicate unethical workplace behavior, such behavior remains extremely common. Our research focuses on the outcomes of unethical behavior for employees and their social relationships in the workplace, with the ultimate goal of helping employees and organizations recover from ethical violations and preventing future ones.


To learn more about our research, please visit our Research page. You can find our peer-reviewed published papers on the Publications and Presentations page and media interviews on the Our Research in the Media page. 

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Accepting graduate students!

If you are interested in working with Dr. Hillebrandt as a graduate student, please send her an email at ahillebrandt@uwaterloo.ca

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