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    Off-campus links

    • Macupdate is an excellent site not just for searching for software updates but also searching for opensource, shareware and commercial software packages.
    • Der Flounder's is a personal blog that is not always about Apple related subject matter, but when the subject matter is OS X, the technical information can be highly useful and thoughtfully explained.
    • Everymac.com is an excellent site for determining the specifications, average price, and features of all Macintosh computers and all iOS devices, past and present.
    • Determine when your mac was built (and its initial specifications). Free service is limited to 10 queries per 30 days.
    • Defaults-writes.com lists options for customizing your user experience using the 'defaults-write' technique. For power-users only ;-)
    • DeployStudio is a mac deployment tool that is in wide use across campus. Previous versions of DeployStudio are available on their site.
    • Macsales (Other World Computing) is another third-party Apple vendor. While not endorsed by MacTUG, they may be worth exploring. Remember to determine shipping/brokerage fees and warranty information.