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The Memory, Attention, and Cognition Laboratory relies on dedicated and passionate undergraduate students and research assistants (RAs) for its everyday operation.

As a research assistant, you will get to take part in running a variety of experiments, primarily investigating human attention, learning, and memory. Your roles may include scheduling and testing participants, coding and organizing data in Excel or SPSS or R, and other responsibilities, depending on your interests and existing skills. You can even choose to learn how to program experiments using a variety of languages and platforms. As an honours thesis (499) or individual project (480 series) student, you will work with Dr. MacLeod on an independent research project using these skills and more.

Please note that RA positions are already filled for Fall 2023.

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Applicants should be conscientious students with at least an 80% average in their completed Psychology courses. We will give preference to individuals who are interested in applying to graduate school in Psychology. Enthusiasm about research is a must!

If you are interested in joining the lab as a research assistant or an honours student, please email Dr. MacLeod, and include:

  1. Cover letter: Briefly explain why you would like an RA position in our lab and why you are interested in our research.
  2. Unofficial transcript (from Quest).
  3. CV or resume.