Mennonite organizations and institutions

The Mennonite Archives of Ontario includes records for a number of volunteer and service organizations. Many of these organizations may have originated from within or alongside the various church conferences. The largest of these organizations is Mennonite Central Committee.

Many programs, such as Victim-Offender Ministries, Ten Thousand Villages, Canadian Foodgrains Bank, Mennonite Mental Health Services, had their origin in MCC programs before being spun off as their own agencies.

Each Canadian province from Quebec west also has a provincial MCC office. The Mennonite Archives of Ontario is the official depository for Mennonite Central Committee Ontario.

XIV - Mennonite Central Committee

  1. Mennonite Central Committee
  2. Mennonite Central Committee Canada
  3. Mennonite Central Committee Ontario

XXVI - Conrad Grebel University College

The Mennonite Archives of Ontario is also the depository for the records of Conrad Grebel University College.

XV - Mennonite Organizations and Institutions

Below is a full list of other organizational and institutional collections held by the Mennonite Archives of Ontario:

  1. Canadian Mennonite Board of Colonization
  2. Chesley Lake Camp Association
  3. Mennonite World Conference
  4. House of Friendship (Kitchener, Ont.)
  5. Golden Rule Gospel Messengers
  6. Golden Rule Bookstore (Provident Bookstore)
  7. Mennonite Mutual Aid
  8. Music Groups
    1. Menno Singers
    2. Misc. Choral Groups
    3. Joint MC/GCMC Hymnal Committee
    4. Mennonite Choral Society (Waterloo County)
    5. Wilmot Fellowship Chorus
  9. Mennonite Hour
  10. Non-Conference Missions
    1. Miscellaneous
    2. Northern Light Gospel Missions
      Scope and content: Duplicate copies of the Northern Light Gospel Missions Newsletter (the most complete set is located in the Milton Good Library holdings). Two pieces of routine correspondence, one with information about a young (in 1954) Indigenous guide named Absolum Moose. A transcript of the "Fairwind's Drum" episode of the CBC Radio show Ideas, 1993; includes excerpts from an interview with Gary Butikofer, who taught school at Poplar Hill Development School in the 1970s; copy of a booklet on "Child Discipline" produced in the 1960s.
  11. Conference of Historic Peace Churches
    1. Conference of Historic Peace Church Records
    2. Non-Resistant Relief Organization
    3. Ailsa Craig Boy's Farm (Craigwood)
    4. Military Problems Committee
    5. Mennonite Disaster Service
    6. Canadian Fellowship Service
  12. Historic Peace Church Council of Canada
  13. Mennonite Radio Mission
    1. Sermon reprints from "The Abundant Life," [19--],1959-1968
    Custodial history: Received from Frank H. Epp.
    Note: See also "The Dynamics of a Strong Life : and 214 other radio talks given on The Abundant Life, 1958-1963" / Frank H. Epp. A copy is located in the Milton Good Library.
  14. Rescue Missions
  15. Hebrew Mission
  16. Goodwill Hall/Goodwill Crusade (Kitchener, Ont.)
  17. Inter-Mennonite
    1. Inter-Mennonite projects
    2. Inter-Mennonite Fellowship
  18. Mennonite Medical Association
    Note: Consisted of issues of the periodical Mennonite Medical Messenger. Moved to the Milton Good Library.
  19. Canadian Mennonite Association
  20. Eastern Mennonite College
  21. Bluffton College
  22. Seminaries
    1. Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary (and predecessors)
    2. Institute of Mennonite Studies
  23. Canadian Mennonite Bible College
  24. Goshen College
    1. Reports & releases
    2. Catalogs
  25. Hesston College
  26. Mennonite High Schools outside Ontario
    1. Misc.
    2. Rosthern Junior College
    3. Mennonite Brethren Collegiate Institute
    4. Mennonite Educational Institute
    5. Westgate Mennonite Collegiate
  27. Bethel College
  28. Council of Mennonite Colleges
  29. Mennonite Credit Unions
    1. Mennonite Savings & Credit Union
    2. Niagara Credit Union
  30. Mennonite Historical Society of Ontario
  31. Mennonite Historical Society of Canada
  32. The Mennonite Story, Inc.
  33. Elim Christian Education Centre
  34. Mennonite Foundation
  35. Mennonite Schools of Nursing
  36. St. Clair O'Connor Community
  37. Canadian Mennonite Publishing Service
  38. Mennonite Camping Association
  39. Menno Travel Service
  40. Council of Moderators and Secretaries
  41. Mennonite Home Association of York County (Parkview)
  42. Conscience Canada
  43. Canadian Inter-Mennonite Consultation (1975)
  44. Waterloo Mennonite Homes, Inc.
  45. Festival of Joy (1975)
  46. Misc. conferences
  47. Mennonite Community Association
  48. Other Mennonite Historical Societies
  49. Canadian Mennonite Health Assembly
  50. Council of International Ministries
  51. Mennonite Radio and Television Committee
  52. Joint Executive Committee of Mennonite Conference of Ontario & Quebec and Western Ontario Mennonite Conference
    1. Minutes
    2. Correspondence
    3. Special Committees
  53. Welcome Inn (Hamilton)
  54. Christian Aid for Romania/Christian Aid Ministries of Waterloo (s.c.)
  55. Mennonite Nurses Association of Ontario
  56. Mennonite Bicentennial Commission
  57. unused
  58. Eastwood Mennonite Community Homes Inc.
  59. Canadian Mennonite Photo Series
  60. Mennonites of Atlantic Provinces
  61. Toronto Mennonite Theological Centre
  62. Central Mennonite Immigration Committee = Das Zentrale Mennonitische Immigrantenkomitee
  63. Readers' Ink Bookshop
    63.1 70th Anniversary Dankfest Committee
  64. Abundant Life Conference
  65. Association of Conscientious Objectors
  66. Parkwood Mennonite Home (Parkwood Manor)
  67. Mennonite Coalition for Refugee Support
  68. Ontario Mennonite Music Camp
  69. Schürch Family Association of North America
  70. Warden Woods Community Centre
  71. Detweiler Meetinghouse, Inc.
  72. The Secret Church drama project
  73. International Mennonite Memorial Committee for the Former Soviet Union (s.c.)
  74. Mennonite Publishing Company (Elkhart, Ind.) (s.c.)
  75. Hymnal Council
  76. Inter-Mennonite Singles Retreat (s.c.)
  77. The Anabaptist Trail. (s.c.) - This route in the Swiss Jura through the Chasseral park was developed in cooperation with the Swiss Mennonite Conference, Regional Nature Park Chasseral,  and Cultural Routes of Switzerland. - Contains a brochure, introductory letter and poster.
  78. Mennonite Churches of Cambridge (s.c.) - Preston Mennonite Church and Wanner Mennonite Church co-operated to publish a calendar for the year 2000, marking the bicentennial of the Mennonite presence in Cambridge, Ont. Titled "Celebrating the birth of the Mennonite church in Cambridge (1800-2000)", it contains reproductions of photographs, maps and a timeline. The group also held several events in 2000. - Calendar donated to the archives in 2012 by Marion Roes. Bicentennial event records and photograph album donated in 2017 by Sherwood Hagey.
  79. Mennonite Heritage Village (s.c.) - Site Guide, 2012.
  80. Conrad Press
  81. Markham Mennonite Council (s.c.)
  82. MennoHomes Inc.
    Scope and content: Tenth anniversary materials, including promotional video (DVD) and program, 2011
  83. Mennonite Community Services Ontario (s.c.)
  84. Mennonite Peace and Arbitration Association (s.c.)
  85. Sanctuary Coalition of Kitchener Waterloo (s.c.)
  86. Seniors for Peace (s.c.)
  87. Theatre of the Beat
  88. Foundation Series (s.c.)
    Scope and content: "A bit of history" / Paul M. Lederach, 1976
  89. Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission (s.c.)
  90. Christian Peacemaker Teams (Canada)
  91. Canada East Fellowship Retreat
  92. League of Torchbearers Boys Clubs
  93. Crossroads (s.c.)
  94. Mennonite and Brethren in Christ Resource Centre
  95. Power and Authority in the Mennonite Church consultations (s.c.)
  96. Menno House Association
  97. Society for the Preservation of the Samuel Bechtel Burial Ground
  98. Millbank Information Centre (s.c.)
    See also Maurice Martin. "Mennonite Tourism as Witness." Ontario Mennonite History XXII no.2 (November 2004).


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