Classification scheme: Hist. Mss. 26

Title: Video Recordings collection

Dates of creation: [194-] -
Note: Further accruals are expected

Scope and content: This collection consists  of non-commercial video recordings in a variety of formats. The content includes interviews, congregational or conference meetings, public events, etc. These materials may only be viewed at the archives on equipment supplied by the archives.

Note: Original description created 26 February 2003 by Sam Steiner

File list:

There are six series by format:

  1. 8mm film
  2. 16mm film
  3. VHS Video - 1/2 in.
  4. Video Tape - 3/4 in.
  5. Beta Video - 1/2 in
  6. CD/DVD

1. 8mm film

  1. Alternative Service camps, 1942

2. 16mm film

  1. Chip Young Old Order Mennonite & Amish Collection. These are the original 16mm films donated by Chip Young in the 1970s related to two CBC projects, "Plain People " and "Not of This World." The cans sometimes contain multiple rolls. All have been transferred to DVD. See Chip Young DVD Collection. There are 27 cans of film, numbered in the approximate order in which they were transferred to DVD.

3. VHS Video

  1. Conrad Grebel University College
    1. Interview of J. Winfield Fretz by John D. Rempel, 1988 at the time of the 25th anniversary of Conrad Grebel College. 1 videocassette.
      Note: Two copies on optical disc are housed with the VHS copy.
    2. Rod Sawatsky Inauguration as President, October 22, 1989. 1 videocassette (2:00:00) : SP, analog, col., NTSC
    3. Music Studio Instrumental Master Class
      1. November 6, 1990. 1 videocassette
      2. February 27, 1990. 1 videocassette
      3. November, 1991. 1 videocassette.
    4. Music Concert - "Mozart Requiem" by UW Chamber Choir, Ken Hull, Director, March 1991 and "Motets and Anthems for Lent" by CGC Chapel Choir, Len Enns, Director, March 1991. 1 videocassette
    5. Music Department video for Campus Day, March 15, 1994
    6. Music Concert - University Choir "Around the World & Home to Bed" July 26, 1997. 1 videocassette.
    7. Founders Hall Celebration, April 19, 1997. Speeches and Memories by former Board of Governors members. 1 videocassette.
    8. Mennonite/s Writing: An International Conference, October 24-27, 2002, Goshen College, Goshen, IN; co-sponsored by Conrad Grebel University College. These are tapes of readings in the Church/Chapel at Goshen College. These video tapes may be viewed on site, but not duplicated; another set of the videos is available at the Mennonite Archives, Mennonite Church USA, at the Goshen, Indiana location
      1.  Di Brandt & Rudy Wiebe, October 24, 2002. 1 videocassette.
      2. Ann Hostetler, Julia Kasdorf, Todd Davis, October 24, 2002. 1 videocassette
      3. Patrick Friesen & Sandra Birdsell, October 25, 2002. 1 videocassette
      4. David Wright & Rosemary Nixon, October 25, 2002. 1 videocassette
      5. Omar Eby, Jeff Gundy, Barb Nickel, David Waltner-Toews, October 25, 2002. 1 videocassette
      6. Informal readings, October 25, 2002. 1 videocassette
      7. Keith Ratzlaff, Dallas Wiebe, Maurice Mierau, Raylene Hinz-Penner, October 26, 2002. 1 videocassette
      8. After-Dinner Program, Yorifumi Yaguchi; Presentations to Yorifumi Yaguchi by Wilbur Birky, Barbara Claassen Smucker (in absentia) by Elaine Sommers Rich, Harry Loewen by Paul Tiessen, Rudy Wiebe by Hildi Froese Tiessen, October 26, 2002. 1 videocassette
      9. Armin Wiebe, Performance by Cate Friesen, Bonnie Loewen, October 26, 2002. 1 videocassette
      10. Sarah Klassen, Jean Janzen; music by Larry Warkentin, October 27, 2002. 1 videocassette.
    9. Russian Mennonite Memorial Garden Dedication Service, October 17, 2004. 1 videocassette (0:55:00) : SP, analog, col., NTSC. Donated by Art Harder. - accompanying materials, program and poster.
    10. Senior Music Recitals
      1. Kristina Baron, November 25, 2002. 1 videocasette (00:48:00) : SP, analog, col., NTSC
    11. Music Demonstration / by David Huron. --Note: Titlecard reads "The [--] Toolkit : Software tools for music researchers :an an[--] presentation." The video appears to show screen captures of computer-assisted musical analysis. This item was withdrawn from the Milton Good Library in 2011.
  2. Mennonite Church Eastern Canada
    1. 1st Annual Meeting, March 25-27, 1988, Leamington, ON. 6 videocassettes (2:00 ea.) : SP, analog, col., NTSC.
    2. 2nd Annual Meeting, March 31-April 2, 1989, Leamington, ON. 6 videocassettes (2:00 ea.) : SP, analog, col., NTSC
    3. 4th Annual Meeting, April 5-7, 1991, Baden, ON. 7 videocassettes (2:00 ea.) : SP, analog, col., NTSC
    4. 5th Annual Meeting, April 3-4, 1992, Leamington, ON. 7 videocassettes (2:00 ea.) : SP, analog, col., NTSC
    5. 6th Annual Meeting, April 2-3, 1993, Kitchener, ON. 3 videocassettes (2:00 ea.) : SP, analog, col., NTSC (April 2 session not taped).
  3. Congregations
    1. Petitcodiac Mennonite Church, Petitcodiac, NB,October 1995-March 1996 ((2:00 : SP, analog, col. NTSC) Various scenes and portions of services
    2. Tavistock Mennonite Church, Tavistock, ON, November/December 1998 (2:00 : SP, analog, col. NTSC) "Faith in Dark Places" Easter Cantata and Dedication Service
    3. Listowel Mennonite Church, Listowel, ON 25th anniversary services, 1988. 3 videocassettes (2:00 ea) : SP, analog, col. NTSC
    4. Stirling Avenue Mennonite Church, Kitchener, ON. Videocassette (2:00) : SP, analog, col., NTSC. 24 November 1996, Carrie Harder preaching
    5. East Zorra Mennonite Church, Tavistock, ON, March 19-20, 2005 (0:54:00) : SP, analog, col. NTSC) "By the Sea: an Intergenerational Musical"
    6. Tavistock Mennonite Church, Tavistock, ON, November 7, 2004. Farewell service for Sherri Martin-Carman.
    7. Cassel Mennonite Church, Tavistock, ON,  May 7, 1995. 60th Anniversary service.
  4. Mennonite Central Committee
    1. MCC - 1998 in Review. 1 videocassette (0:10) : SP, analog, col. NTSC
    2. Andrew Steckly Alternative Service video copied from 8mm film (00:61:00) : SP, analog, col. NTSC
    3. J. Harold Sherk Alternative Service video copied from 8mm film (1:52:00) : SP, analog, col. NTSC. - 2 copies (1 volume each) and 1 copy (4 volumes). See Hist.Mss. 26.6.25 for digital copy.
    4. "A Different Path : Mennonite Conscientious Objectors in World War II" by Nan Cressman. Donated by Rogers Community 20. (00:29:50) SP, analog, col. NTSC. - See Hist.Mss.26.6.26 for digital copy.
  5. Miscellaneous
    1. Russian Mennonite Dankfest, October 15, 1994 (70th anniversary)
      1. Morning Session, 9:30-10:30 (1:00:00 SP, analog, col., NTSC)
      2. Morning Session, 10:45-11:45; afternoon service final half hour (1:30:00 SP, analog, col., NTSC)
      3. Afternoon service, first 2 hours (2:00:00 SP, analog, col., NTSC)
    2. "Silence at Bethany" rough cut (2:00:00 SP, analog, col., NTSC) This is a copy donated by Peter Erb who was one of the consultants on this PBS drama on the Amish. May not be reproduced
    3. "House of Friendship" (Kitchener, ON) donation of CKCO-TV. (1:00:00  SP, analog, col., NTSC. Produced June, 1989
    4. "Aaron's Way" - Two episodes of Aaron's Way, an NBC drama featuring the Amish, starring Merlin Olsen. (2:00:00 SP, analog, col, NTSC)  May not be reproduced
    5. "O Canada Our Home and Native Land"  (0:10:40  SP, analog, col., NTSC). Produced October 1989. Produced by Paul Born, the video is a collage of scenes interwoven with Native and Mennonite history and traditions. First performed as a play at Saskatoon '86 (General Conference Mennonite Church Assembly). Prepared with the cooperation of Rogers Cable 20. This was a Mennonite Bicentennial project sponsored initially by Conrad Grebel College.
    6. "Mr. & Mrs. C.F. Derstine at their home and greeting people in front of First Mennonite Church."Video copied from 8mm film; filmed by C. L. Meyers. (0:08:00 SP, analog, col., NTSC).
    7. "The Schürch (Sherk/Shirk) Family Worship Service, August 20, 2000" (0:54:00 SP, analog, col., NTSC). Worship service of the Schürch Family Association at Doon Pioneer Memorial Tower, 20 August 2000.
    8. "Joint Concert of the Mennonite Children's Choir of Lancaster and the Inter-Mennonite Children's Choir of Ontario" Presented at the Hinkletown Mennonite Church, 20 May 2001 (ca. 2 hrs.) : 1 audio videocassette
    9. 200 years in Canada : the Moyer family : July 2-4, 1999 : "The Twenty" Ontario, Canada / The Moyer Family Society; produced by Lifetime Productions. --Jordan Station, Ont.: The Moyer Familiy Society, 1999. --1 videocassette (ca. 60 min)
    10. Black Creek Pioneer Village Relief Sale. --Sept 1996. --1 videocassette (20 min) : col., Scotch T30, NTSC ; 12.7 mm. --Donated by Ruth Fockler in 2010. Tape formerly resided in the Wideman Mennonite Church library.
    11. Ontario Mennonite Bible School and Institute Reunion. --2-3 Jul 1994. --1 videocassette (ca. 90 min) : col., Maxell GX-Silver, NTSC ; 12.7 mm.
    12. The village called 'no happiness' / Hoff Film Productions. --1992. --1 videocassette (50 min.) : col., Maxell GX-Silver, NTSC ; 12.7 mm. -- The village of Neodachino in Siberia was a tight-knit Mennonite community until 1985. In 1985 the religious persecution by the Russian government ended. Soon after that, the German government agreed to assimilate those of German descent. Since then, families have been torn apart as people have left for Germany. The video documents the struggles from the view point of Gerhard Neufeld, the local pastor and community leader. - Donated by the Mennonite and Brethren in Christ Resource Centre in 2011. - Digitized in Jan 2016. Digital copy located in Hist.Mss.26.6.35
    13. Going by the moon and the stars / Pamela E. Klassen. --1992 Waterloo, Ont. --1 videocassette (44 min.) : col., Sony, mono, NTSC ; 12.7 mm. --For archival use only. Not for public viewing. --See also:Going by the moon and the stars : stories of two Russian Mennonite Women / Pamela E. Klassen. --Waterloo, Ont. : Wilfried Lauier University Press, 1994. 
    14. Schmucker, Smoker, Smucker and Schwartzentruber reunion. - Smucker Photography & Video: Baden, Ont. : 4-6 Jul 1991. - 1 videocassette - See also the Schmucker Smoker Smucker family fonds.

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4. Video Tape - 3/4 in.

  1. "A Different Path: Mennonite Conscientious Objection in World War II" prepared by Nan Cressman for Rogers Community TV in 1990. These videocassettes contain interviews by Cressman in preparation for the program. All are SONY KSP-S20 UMATIC SP MIN 20 format or SONY KCA-20XBR UMATIC 20 MIN MAST BCST format. These tapes were donated to the Archives by Rogers Community 20 in 1990. - See Hist.Mss.26.6.34 for digitized copies
    - Gerry Thiessen (SPS 42, 00:18:40)
    - Rufus Jutzi (SPB 49, 00:20:50)
    - Bill Janzen (SPB 43, 00:20:30; SPB 50, 00:21:00; SPB 52, 00:17:00)
    - Ed Bearinger (SPB 54, 00:21:20)
    - Norm Weber (SPB 90, 00:21:30), SPB 45, 00:09:30)
    - Cecil Cressman (SPB 92, 00:21:50)
    - Andrew Steckly (SPS 101, 00:19:50)
    - Ernest J. Swalm (S 778, 00:21:40; S 845, 00:22:20; S 888, 00:22:20; S 890, 00:17:20)
    - Wilson Hunsburger (S 836, 00:20:30; S858, 00:10:00)   
  2. Alternative Service Camps (1940s)
    Andrew Steckly copied from 8mm film (UCA-60  UMATIC 3/4" Video Tape, 00:61:00)
    - J. Harold Sherk copied from 8mm film (MBR-60 UMATIC 3/4" Video Tape, 00:63:00 and 49:00)(from four reels of film; there is a Master and Dub of each tape). - See Hist.Mss.26.6.25 for digital copy 

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5. Beta Video - 1/2 in.

  1. "Man Alive" broadcast on Mennonites broadcast 12 February 1986 (00:30:00)
  2. Inter-Mennonite Children's Choir, 1985/86

6. CD/DVD/Mini DV

  1. "A Song for Brother Julius" (About the Community Farm of the Brethren, Bright, Ontario) (DVD-R, 00:28:41) Copied from Mini DV (DVM63), which was copied from 16 mm film. This was a CBC film done in the 1960s(?). It was produced and directed by Italo Costa; the story was by Chip Young. The original 16 mm film was donated to the Mennonite Archives of Ontario by Chip Young in the 1970s. Copied again in May 2005. Also available in VHS.
  2. "And When Their Time Had Come" (a dramatic documentary filmed in 1971 about the Mennonite experience in Russia and emigration to Canada) (DVD-R, 00:44:50) Copied from Mini DV (DVM63), which was copied from black & white 16 mm film. The was a production of the Mennonite Historical Society of Ontario in 1972. Produced by E. Mina Associates Film Productions; J. Winfield Fretz was Executive Producer). Also available in VHS.
  3. "Trail of the Conestoga" (Based on Mabel Dunham's novel of the same title on the early Mennonite settlement in Waterloo County, Ontario; based on a script by Norma Rudy; first performed as a play by the Mennonite Historical Society of Ontario, then filmed in one day in 1973.) (DVD-R, 1:34:00) Copied from VHS video, which was originally copied from 16 mm film.
  4. "Beyond This Land" (Amish Sesquicentennial historical pageant produced by the Mennonite Historical Society of Ontario presented in the Stratford Festival Theatre in 1972-1973; based on a script by Urie Bender) (DVD-R, 00:42:00) Copied from VHS video, which was originally copied from 16mm film.
  5. "Did You Pray Today" (Five radio messages by C.F. Derstine on WCOJ, West Chester, Pa. in 1952 or 1953 at the time of a tent crusade)(CD audio (cda file extension), the talks range from 11-15 minutes, and include musical introductions). Copied from reel-to-reel tapes and donated by John Derstine (son of C.F. Derstine) in November 2003.
  6. Sound in the Land -- Music Festival/Academic Conference on Mennonites & Music, May 28-30, 2004 at Conrad Grebel University College (May not be reproduced)(see also the Sound in the Land CDs)
    1. Mary Oyer presentation, May 28, 2004 (DVD-R , 01:03:00)
    2. Sunday worship in Chapel, May 30, 2004 (DVD-R, 2:09:00)
  7. Ontario Mennonite Bible School & Institute Reunion, August 13-15, 2004 at Conrad Grebel University College (DVD-R, 05:00:00) (Includes supplemental pamphlets)
  8. Russian Mennonite Memorial Garden Dedication Service, October 17, 2004 at Conrad Grebel University College (DVD+R, 1:00:00)(Includes program and flyer)
  9. Chip Young Collection [Unless otherwise noted these are silent, unedited outtake footage from projects on the Mennonites ("Plain People") and Amish ("Not of This World"?) that Chip Young did for the CBC in the 1960s and early 1970s. The Amish film was done in two parts for the CBC program, 20/20. There are two copies of each DVD; only the "B" copy should be used for making copies. These may only be viewed at the Archives; they will not be copied for use elsewhere.]
    1. Maple syrup with young Old Order Mennonite boys; also scenes with older man (DVD-R, 30:00)
    2. Barn Raising -- Old Order Mennonite men, women preparing lunch, etc. (DVD-R, 50:00)
    3. Two large segments from black & white production on Old Order Amish of Ontario called "Not of This World", ca. 1960. Sound narration by Chip Young is present, but there is no beginning or ending. (DVD-R, 50:00)
    4. Old Order Mennonite children, landscape, spring field scenes, meetinghouse (DVD-R, 57:00)
    5. Meetinghouse and buggies, tombstones, ploughing, buggy manufacture (DVD-R, ca. 50:00)
    6. Mostly buggies and barn raising clips. Many splices (DVD-R, ca. 50:00)
    7. Wheat fields, mowing, maple syrup, hay making, Elmira Maple Syrup Festival (DVD-R, ca. 50:00)
    8. Barnraising shots (DVD-R, ca. 50:00)
    9. Mowing, barnraising, buggies on road, etc. (DVD-R, ca. 50:00)
    10. A & B reel of master of "Not of this World" film, Part I (DVD-R, ca. 30:00)
    11. A & B reels of master of "Not of this World" (DVD-R, ca. 30:00)
    12. Sheep, meetinghouse in summer, hay making, barn raising, etc. (DVD-R, ca. 50:00)
    13. Camera Originals that were part of "Journey of Pilgrims" film (DVD-R, ca. 12:00)
    14. Repeat of "Not of This World" film (part II), but processed for a lighter more contrasty image (DVD-R, ca. 30:00)
    15. Audio track only of "Not of This World" part II (DVD-R, ca. 30:00)
    16. "Seranus" n.d. 196? Outakes from a film about the Old Order Amish. Black & White (DVD-R, ca. 15:00)
    17. Barnraising shots (same as #8) but color corrected (DVD-R, ca. 60:00)
  10. "Algeria Mission" n.d. 196?. Account of Mennonite Central Committee work with Christian Center for Service in Algeria, produced by Valley Forge Films. Black & White (DVD-R, ca. 25:00) 2 copies made from 16mm film original.
  11. "Lines Go Out" n.d. 195? Copy of a film about the work of Mennonite Central Committee, filmed and directed by Norman A. Wingert. Black & White (DVD-R, ca. 41:00) 2 copies made from 16mm film original.
  12. "The Mennonites of Ontario" 1980. Produced by Buller Films for The Meetingplace, St. Jacobs, Ontario. Written, Directed and Narrated by John Ruth. Color (DVD-R, ca. 25:00) 2 copies made from 16mm film original.
  13. "Africa in 3 Dimension" 196?. Produced by Ken Anderson Films for Co-operating Mennonite Agencies. Production Committee: Mahlon Hess, Vern Preheim, Wilbert Shenk, Reuben Short. Written and Directed by Ken Anderson. Enourages considering long term service in Africa. Color. (DVD-R, ca. 42:00). 2 copies made from 16mm film original.
  14. "Africa" 196?. Produced by Mennonite Central Committee. Describes needs in Africa. Written and Photographed by Burton Buller. Color. (DVD-R, ca. 32:00). 2 copies made from 16mm film original.
  15. "Rodney J. Sawatsky Funeral Service" 1 December 2004, First United Church, Waterloo, Ontario. Color. (DVD+R, ca. 2:00:00)
  16. "50th Annual Meeting of the Waterloo Chapter of the Pennsylvania German Folklore Society of Ontario" 27 April 2006. Video presentation (DVD+R, 27:25)
  17. "Schürch Family Reunion 2000" 19-20 August 2000. Video highlights of the Schürch Family Reunion held in Kitchener, Ontario. Color. (DVD-R, 0:27:42)
  18. "Grace Mennonite Church (St. Catharines) 50th Anniversary" 15 October 2006. Video historical picture presentation with background music. WMV file (Windows Media File) on CD-R (0:25:00)
  19. Pioneer Mennonites in Quebec: a series of interviews on behalf of Mennonite Central Committee Québec and La Société Mennonite Historique du Québec by Richard Lougheed with early Mennonite missionaries in Quebec. The interviews were held in July and September 2007. All are in English unless otherwise noted.
    1. Robert Witmer, July 2007 (DVD, 1:49:01)
    2. Rufus Jutzi, July 2007 (DVD, 0:59:08)
    3. Elizabeth Shannon, July 2007 (DVD, 1:10:12)
    4. Mel & Ellen Schmidt, July 2007 (DVD, 1:48:08)
    5. Mel & Leeta Horst, 26 July 2007 (DVD, 0:56:20)
    6. Harold Reesor, 10 September 2007 (DVD, 1:20:58)
    7. Tilman Martin & Harold Reesor, September 2007 [French] (DVD, 1:14:58)
  20. Peace and Conflict Studies: 30 Years at Conrad Grebel University College: "The Sound of All of Us" historical vignette produced by D. Michael Hostetler (DVD, 0:06:49); Evening Program of Celebration on 29 February 2008, featuring Lowell Ewert; John Siebert, Kara Klassen & Leah Reesor; Conrad Brunk; Ruth Teichroeb; Mayor Brenda Halloran; Meg Beckel; Jenn Wiebe; Pastor James Wuye & Imam Muhammad Nurayn Ashafa (DVD, 1:11:43); Interviews with Brenda Halloran; Conrad Brunk; Mark Yantzi, Nathan Funk (DVD, 0:14:23)
  21. Events at Crosshill Mennonite Church, 1995-2007 Images and music (DVD, 0:15:54)
  22. A. James Reimer retirement dinner (23 May 2008). Evening program introduced by Henry Paetkau and hosted by Jim Pankratz. Presentations by Fred Martin, Ed Janzen, Arnold Snyder, Reimer's family, etc. (DVD, 1:52:09)
    1. Regular 4x3 aspect ratio
    2. Widescreen 16x9 aspect ratio
  23. Peter Goetz Exhibit and Reception. -- 13 Jun 2010. -- 1 optical disc (30 min.) An afternoon open house at Conrad Grebel University College to exhibit the College's collection of Peter Goetz watercolours. Henry Paetkau hosted the program; Marlene Epp and Peter Goetz (son of the artist) also spoke.
  24. Seminaire sur la violence faite a la femme et la jeune fille a l'intention de juenes filles et garcons[Seminar on violence against Congolese women and girls for young women and young men] / by Association des Theologiennes Mennonites au Congo. -- 3-5 April 2009. -- 2 optical discs. Seminar was conducted in French and Lingala. There are no subtitles. For further information see III-55.2/3 Waterloo North Mennonite Church.
  25. Alternative Service Camps (1940s)
    1. J. Harold Sherk copied from MBR-60 UMATIC 3/4" Video Tape, 01:02:15 and 49:29. - 2 optical discs (1 .mp4 archival copy, 1 DVD reference copy) . - Digitized August 2011. - See also Hist.Mss. 26.4.2.
    2. Andrew Steckly copied from UCA-60 3/4" umatic Video Tape, (b&w and col.; silent; 61 min). - 1 optical disc (.mp4 reference copy on disc and external drive). - Digitized January 2016. - See also Hist.Mss., Hist.Mss. - Preservation .avi copy located on external drive
  26. "A Different Path : Mennonite Conscientious Objectors in World War II" / Nan Cressman. Donated by Rogers Community 20. (00:29:50) Copied from SP, analog, col. NTSC. - 1 optical disc. - Digitized 2011. - See also Hist.Mss.
  27. Journey into the past : Mennonite Heritage Cruise 2010 / produced by Kuzyk Audio Video Production for the Mennonite Heritage Cruise. -- Toronto : Mennonite Heritage Cruise, [2011]. -- 1 optical disc (1 hr., 58 min., 55 sec.) : col.; 12 cm + letter from Paul Toews to Mennonite Librarians and Archivists. --Mennonite Heritage Cruise, organized by Walter and Marina Unger, ran from 1995 to 2010. Over the years, more than 2,600 passengers were taken down the Dnieper River in Ukraine to visit former Russian Mennonite Settlements. -- Donated by Mennonite Heritage Cruise in 2011. -- This video documents the last cruise in October 2010, highlighting the history and current state of Mennonite activity in Ukraine.
  28. Benjamin Eby Lecture, 27 Jan 2012. "Gandhi and Mennonites in India" / Jim Pankratz. - Waterloo, Ont. : Conrad Grebel University College, 2012. - 1 optical disc - The Benjamin Eby Lecture is an annual lecture that presents the research of a faculty member at Conrad Grebel University College. - Audio recordings of some other Benjamin Eby lectures can be found by searching the Archives. All past lectures are available in print form at the Milton Good Library or in the Conrad Grebel Review.
  29. Lorraine Roth Archives Reading Room fundraising dinner, 13 Oct 2011. - 1 optical disc - Lorraine Roth, a genealogical researcher and local historian, was honoured with a dinner and program at Tavistock Mennonite Church. The event was organized by Conrad Grebel University College; proceeds went towards naming a renovated room in the Mennonite Archives of Ontario in her honour.
  30. Mennonite/s writing in Canada : the first 50 years. - Conrad Grebel University College : Waterloo, Ont., 2012. - 9 optical discs : DVD-R (approx. 18 hours) ; .vob format. - This public lecture series, held at Conrad Grebel University College in winter 2012, was organized by Hildi Froese-Tiessen in her last term before retirement. The series featured writers of  Mennonite heritage. The series could also be taken for credit as "English 218 : Mennonite Literature." - 1) On this earth : 57 years of writing / Rudy Wiebe (11 Jan 2012) - 2) From a Brotherly Phillippic to Tante Tina to the mysteries of disease, death and transformation : Mennonite reflections on a life of poetry and science / David Waltner-Toews (18 Jan 2012) - 3) Stop meaning, start singing / Patrick Friesen (25 Jan 2012). - 4) Here come the clowns : laughter in Mennonite writing, featuring "Sush Funk and her old bag of secret schunt" / Magdalene Redekop (1 Feb 2012) - 5) Mennonite literature as communal debate : tracing the collapse of the Russian Mennonite commonwealth through Canadian literature / Rob Zacharias (8 Feb 2012) - 6) From "Sleeping Preacher" to poetry in America : a writer's journey / Julia Kasdorf (15 Feb 2012) - 7) My work in retrospect, within the Mennonite world and without / David Bergen (29 Feb 2012) - 8) Writing towards home : a prodigal daughter looks back / Darcie Friesen Hossack (7 Mar 2012). - 9) Miriam Toews : the trouble with "Mennonite" novels / Paul Tiessen and Carrie Snyder (14 Mar 2012). - photography/video release forms in accompanying folder.
  31. Gadfly : Sam Steiner dodges the draft / written and directed by Rebecca Steiner.  - Theatre of the Beat : Kitchener, Ont., 2012. - 1 optical disc : DVD-R (approx. 1 hour, 25 min) ; .vob format. - Performed April 20 and 21, 2012 at the Conrad Centre for Performing Arts in Kitchener, Ont. - Presented by Conrad Grebel University College, Mennonite Historical Society of Ontario, and Theatre of the Beat - "Based on a true story, this original play follows the experiences of Sam Steiner, an American draft dodger and his jourrney to Canada in 1968" [from the program]. - Accompanying materials: 1 program.
  32. Reta Baechler speaking on the history of Avon Mennonite Church, 17 Dec 2006. - 1 optical disk; 8 min.
  33. God in our Space: on behalf of Niagara United Mennonite Church. An Edwin Janzen documentary, honouring the 75th anniversary of Niagara United Mennonite Church, 2014.
  34. "A Different Path: Mennonite Conscientious Objection in World War II" prepared by Nan Cressman for Rogers Community TV in 1990. Contains interviews by Cressman in preparation for the program. - Digitized in Jan 2016. Copied from Hist.Mss.26.4.1. - Reference copies in .mp4 format on digital video disc and external drive. - Preservation copies in .avi on external drive.
  35. The village called 'no happiness.' - Digitized copy of Hist.Mss. - 1 reference copy on digital video disc (.mp4); .mp4 and .avi preservation copy on external drive.

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