Below are several examples of how the MHAPS research group can lead, collaborate, and support various stakeholders. Across these collaborations we welcome opportunities to lead data analytics and visualization, produce professional reports, develop knowledge tools, and deliver impactful presentations on topics that are important to your needs.  

If you’re a researcher or research organization: 

  • We are available for collaboration on research that utilizes health system data, including interRAI data, to explore important research questions for persons living with mental health conditions, persons who use substances, providers of health services, and policy makers.  

If you’re affiliated with government or government organization: 

  • We can work with you to conduct analytics on, explore new research questions, or evaluate your key priority areas focusing on mental health, substance use and addictions, and health policy.  

If you’re a health service organization: 

  • We can provide education and training on the use of interRAI assessment systems in practice, including for care planning and decision support. 

  • We can lead and collaborate with you on key research or evaluation initiatives to understand the needs and outcomes of service recipients, as well as to develop quality and performance metrics for your organization. 

If you’re an association or advocacy group: 

  • We welcome your input and collaboration on issues, concerns, and information needs that may be relevant in driving important and meaningful research. 

  • We will work with you to translate health data and research findings into information that can support your priorities.  

If you’re not in any of the above, please reach out and discuss your interests!  We’re always interested in meeting new people and organizations to find ways to apply our experience to new questions, problems, or opportunities. 

Please reach out by email to Dr. Perlman: