Improve the way you work with 365

Better ways to connect, create and collaborate

The Microsoft 365 suite of apps allows individuals and teams to work together in new and exciting ways, saving time, streamlining the workflow, and increasing productivity.

Forget about email attachments

Consider using OneDrive to securely create and work together on an employee's performance appraisal. 

Create and work together

Prevent loss of data when employees leave

Consider storing all files in Teams or SharePoint Online to ensure they can still be accessed after casual or temporary employees leave.

Easily find and share files

Engage with team members

Consider using Forms to create a poll, survey or quiz to engage with your team and collect feedback. Then easily export form data to Excel for analysis.

Engage with your team and gather feedback

Enhance communications with video

Consider using Stream to share live or on-demand recordings of classes, meetings, training sessions or presentations with your team or class, accessible from any location across multiple devices.

Quickly record and share video content