Migrating campus telephones to Skype for Business softphone client

Make and receive calls on any connected device


Motivation behind the change

Gears turning

Reduction of the overall operating costs for telephony across campus. Softphones allow users to make and receive calls on any connected device, supporting the University's current distributed/remote working and learning environment. 

Relationship to other Microsoft 365 projects

Connected nodes



Audience(s) impacted

Audience of people

All individuals with a desktop (i.e. digital) phone

Known impacts


Learning how to use the softphone client and equipment (e.g. headset)

Benefits of the change

  • Enhanced functionality of Skype for Business (S4B)
  • Greater convenience and flexibility making and receiving calls

Risk of not completing the change

Danger symbol

Significant ongoing investments required to update and maintain aging infrastructure

Important date(s)

  • Deployment schedule will be made available once confirmed
  • S4B phones may be requested now (2020 and ongoing)

Project contact(s)

Information phone