Gaming and virtual reality research

To investigate how the brain integrates multisensory information we use virtual reality to manipulate the spatial and temporal properties of sensory information. We are also interested in translating this basic research to the design of more immersive and engaging experiences in games for both recreational, research, and rehabilitative purposes.

Games are a powerful and underutilized research tool with the power to educate, train, and rehabilitate game users in a highly motivating way. Working with The Games Institute, we are involved in a number of academic and academic-industry research projects and programs focused on improving human health and well-being using games technology.

Working with a rich cross-disciplinary research institution we use a combination of commercially available and research grade virtual reality equipment to study how the brain integrates multisensory information and are involved in game design to create advanced metrics for health quantification. Trainees in the lab also get an enhanced educational experience by working with community and industrial partners with great potential for collaborative and employment opportunities.

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