Lab opportunities


Whether you are a high school, undergraduate or graduate student, or in industry and want to gain more research experience, we are happy to train volunteers in the lab provided that you can contribute at least five hours per week.

Undergraduate and graduate students

In general, we are interested in taking on students with a passion and curiosity for understanding how the brain works and whose interests line up well with our current research areas.

We will be accepting applications for MSc and PhD degrees for next fall. Domestic PhD candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. Accepted domestic PhD candidates are guaranteed $90,000 support over four years.

For more information on the types of students we are looking for as well as information on how to apply, see next steps. For general admission requirements, visit the Kinesiology MSc or PhD pages of the graduate studies website.

Please contact Denise Hay, Graduate Studies Coordinator, for more details.

At present, we are particularly interested in taking on new MSc/PhD students with expertise in vision research as well as engineering.

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Postdoctoral fellows 

Interested postdoctoral fellows should email Professor Barnett-Cowan directly about research interests and goals and to arrange for external funding.

I am currently hiring for Post-Doctoral Position: Multisensory Integration in Real and Virtual Realities.

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For suitable trainees interested in joining the lab, we encourage you to explore all of your options regarding supportive scholarships and fellowships. Weare happy to assist you with the application process. Keep in mind that most deadlines are in the early fall with decisions rendered the following spring. See undergraduate scholarships and awards, graduate awards and funding, or postdoctoral funding and awards to identify eligible funding sources.

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Next steps

If you:

  • are considering graduate studies at Waterloo, or are an undergraduate student here and would like to do an honours thesis in Kinesiology
  • have looked over our research interests and recent publications
  • are interested in opportunities to work with me

Please email Professor Barnett-Cowan and include the following:

  • a resume
  • a recent transcript (unofficial okay) indicating courses taken and grades
  • any letters of reference or names of professors (especially in kinesiology/psychology), teaching assistants, or previous employers who may be able to evaluate your academic ability, work habits and/or personality
  • information about your level of experience with computers (PC, Mac or Unix), software and languages (e.g., Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, SPSS, Sigmaplot, Matlab, Python, C, C++)
  • an indication of why you are interested in joining the lab and how it fits into your academic or career goals
  • an indication of how many hours you can commit (you must be willing to regularly commit at least two hours per week) without jeopardizing your coursework
  • an indication of whether you are eligible for the Waterloo Work Study Program (in which case, you can get paid for a certain number of hours per term), see Waterloo Work Study Program for eligibility criteria

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