2023 Capstone Design Symposium

four pictures of winning Capstone Teams

Pictured above are four winning teams: Top from left: Team 1, Team 10 Bottom from left: Team 15, Team 21

Twenty-one teams took part in this year’s Capstone Design Symposium. Their projects ran the gamut from projects aimed to improve Lithium-ion batteries to using rainfall to generate renewable energy to electric Switchable Smart Glass.

The Capstone project is the final project of Waterloo engineering students, which connects their classroom learning to real-world problem-solving. Students have the freedom to choose design projects that align with their interests and passions. They identify, conceptualize, and create prototypes of their innovative devices and systems. The Nanotechnology Engineering Program offers top-notch laboratory equipment, a cleanroom, and expert engineers on the UW campus to help achieve their project goals.

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See the photo gallery below from the 2024 Capstone Design Symposium.