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Capstone Design

Capstone Design is the culmination of the undergraduate student experience, creating a blueprint for innovation in engineering design.

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Academic advisors

Within the Faculty of Engineering, access to advisors is faculty-wide in your first year and then program-specific from second year and beyond.

First-year students can contact Faculty of Engineering academic advisors.

The Nanotechnology Engineering program advisors for second-year and higher students are found on this page.  

Academic issues can sometimes be mixed up with personal problems (relationship issues, death in the family, etc.). Whatever the problem, engineering counselling and the University of Waterloo Counselling Services.

Academic counselling deals with all aspects of your academic career.

  • Year promotion and term decisions
  • Study skills
  • Options in engineering programs
  • Course selection and enrolment - including Complementary Studies Electives (CSEs)
  • Taking courses at another university
  • Transfers within the Faculty of Engineering or to another program in another faculty or university
  • Disciplinary and academic offences (cheating and plagiarism)
  • Sickness and medical certificates (missed exams)
  • Deferred and supplemental exams

Capstone design project & symposium

Students will take three design project courses, one in each of the 3B4A, and 4B terms which make up the Nanotechnology Engineering Capstone Design program. Students work in teams on an open-ended engineering design problem under the supervision of a faculty member with expertise in that area. Using the skills you’ve acquired over your studies, your team will solve real world problems and present your project at the annual Nanotechnology Engineering Capstone Design Symposium in March.

Nanotechnology health risk/assessment and hazards training and Nanotechnology engineering practice

These topics are dealt with through a series of combined credit/non-credit courses, one in each academic term of the NE program. Each incoming cohort of students is assigned a "class professor" to accompany the students as they proceed through their program of study. The class professor coordinates events, such as guest lectures and seminars for the class and, during the terms 1B through 3B, works closely with the Nanotechnology Health Risk/Assessment and Hazards Training expert who will deliver 32 lectures associated with the credit components of these 8 courses. Seminars organized by a class professor will typically be lectures that focus upon the NE program and related research being carried out. Lectures on Nanotechnology Engineering Practice may be given by the class professor or by other UW faculty members involved in nanotechnology engineering research.

WHMIS and ELPE credits

Nanosystems Design Project

Three design project courses, one in each of the 3B, 4A, and 4B terms, introduce design for nanosystems, develop the design project, and complete and present the project to an audience, respectively.