The goal of this NSERC CREATE program is to help the participants develop the following professional and technical skills.

Professional skills

Demonstrate proficiency in:

  1. Standards and certification: understanding of standards; their importance for deployability, competitiveness, and large-scale adoption; the impact on software requirements; assessing compliance; certification processes;

  2. Communication: understanding of the art of communication, including communicating technical ideas to management; communicating a business plan; interpersonal and team communication;

  3. Management: understanding of the different methods and paradigms for managing personnel, projects, scope, risk, time, and resources;

  4. IP protection and management: understanding of intellectual property (IP); its importance in the information and communications cechnologies (ICT) sector; main strategies; protection and management possibilities; licensing; open-source software licenses;

  5. Commercialization and entrepreneurship: understanding of the commercialization process and focus on the development of a business case; assessing the technology base and capabilities of a firm and the skills and resources required to manage technology in a start-up.

In order to receive continued funding and remain in the program, each participant must make a clear advancement in at least two of the five areas per year.

Technical skills

Each participant must develop core technical skills that cover fundamental concepts and tools to efficiently and effectively engineer dependable product lines of cyber-physical systems (CPS).

We are offering training activities that the participants are required to attend (if possible). In addition, the supervisors can offer additional training activities more closely related to their respective research areas.

In addition to obtaining a "Novice" level in all four technical areas, participants also need to obtain an "Advanced" level in the chosen application area via the internships and/or contributions to a demonstrator platform.


Each participant must spend a minimum of 20% of their time at the industrial collaborator premises (for example, 2-4 months at the MSc level and 8-10 months at the PhD level over the duration of their involvement in the CREATE initiative).


After completing the degree/postdoc and fullfilling all requirements of this training program, submit the graduation form using the "Graduate" action button. 

Reporting Requirements

We must collect and report to NSERC detailed information about each participant, including attendance of training activities, research outputs, internships, exchanges, and post-graduation employment status. 

By enrolling into the program, participants agree to promptly provide the required details for the inclusion in the report to NSERC. 

For your information, we have previously used the following forms:

Mobility May 2015-Dec 2016

Research Outputs May 2015-Dec 2016

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