Welcome to NSERC CREATE in Product-Line Engineering for Cyber-physical Systems

Cyber-physical systems (CPS) are penetrating every aspect of our lives and will transform how we interact with the physical world. These systems will enable self-driving cars, safer and cleaner airplanes, smart renewable energy systems, intelligent homes, and new types of medical devices. The next generation of such systems will be even more ubiquitous, interconnected, tailored, and heterogeneous than today's systems.

Model-based product-line engineering (MB PLE) is a key technology to conquer the complexities of such systems by allowing virtual prototyping and derivation of such systems from common platforms.

NSERC CREATE in Product-Line Engineering for Cyber-physical Systems (PLoCS) is a unique research-intensive industrial training program for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. 

The participants will benefit from an innovative, international and industrially-relevant training model, which integrates

  • courses in fundamental concepts of software, computer, mechatronic, and systems engineering;
  • mentoring by a multi-disciplinary team of leading researchers and industry experts;
  • participation in world-class research
  • hands-on demonstrator-based training; and
  • tailored industrial internships to impart specialized professional and technical knowledge in one of the two application areas key to Canada’s high-tech leadership: automotive and aerospace systems.

The training grant will provide the participants with the opportunity and means to apply research from the laboratory in the commercial arena.

The result?

The participants will become leaders in engineering the next generation of cyber-physical systems.

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