Monday, June 5, 2017

11am-12pm - lecture
12pm-12:30pm - discussion
DC 1331

In this seminar, prof. Jens Weiland will give a lecture on the latest developments in AUTOSAR (abstract below). After that, we'll have a panel discussion about the relevance of Adaptive AUTOSAR for autonomous driving. In particular, we will be comparing with Robot Operating System (ROS), which we are using for Waterloo autonomous car ( 


Since 2004, the AUTOSAR initiative, consisting out of leading automobile manufacturers, suppliers as well as software and hardware manufactures, is the synonym for a standardized automotive open system architecture. Today, this standard is applied in developing electronic control units (ECUs).

In order to cope with recent requirements regarding complex and resource demanding computing and flexible software configuration, necessary e.g. for autonomous driving, the AUTOSAR initiative has established a new branch, the so-called Adaptive AUTOSAR. The initial release was published a few weeks ago. The talk will give an overview of ideas and 
concepts regarding Adaptive AUTOSAR.

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