Training Session "Introduction to modeling dynamic systems in MapleSim"

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The session will give an introduction to modeling dynamic systems in MapleSim.

Jonathan Spike, Application Engineer, Maplesoft

Dec 7, 2016, 1-3pm

1) Prerequisites

Attendees have

  • running MapleSim on their machine (have tested the installation with example models). There will be no time to troubleshoot installations during the session. For UW students and faculty MapleSim licenses are free (see Click the Campus Licenses tab and you should be able to get a copy of maple). Contact your supervisor and computing services to have Maplesim installed on your machine before the session.
  • spent a few minutes with the interface and read through one of the provided tutorials (under Help -> Tutorials)

2) Session overview

Maplesoft engineers will demo the tool (Segments 1, 2, 5, and 6) and do a "walk-through" for the hands-on segments (Segments 3 and 4). For the latter, the in-product tutorials are followed  (Tutorial 1: Modeling a DC Motor with a Gearbox, Tutorial 3: Modeling a Nonlinear Damper, and Tutorial 4: Modeling a Planar Slider-Crank Mechanism). For the former, an additional list of examples will be provided. The engineers will also be available to answer additional questions.

Here are a few models to consider looking at in advance. They show multi-domain modeling, vehicle system with the tire library, example of exporting your model, and Maple analysis of a MapleSim model.

  1. MapleSim Help Menu > Examples > Physical Domains > Multibody > 5 DoF Robot (Example model showing multiple domain modeling)
  2. Vehicle with Suspension and Steering (General vehicle model with steering system)
  3. Vehicle with Suspension: Split-Mu Test (Example model with user defined tire properties for split-mu)
  4. Double Wishbone Suspension (An example for exporting to C-code, FMU, or s-function)
  5. Industrial Pick and Place Robot (An example for additional analysis that Maple brings to MapleSim models)

We plan a follow-up session on vehicle modeling. However, this general introduction provides the necessary background before diving into more detailed topics.

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