Microsoft Office 365

University of Waterloo faculty, staff, and students have anytime, anywhere access to the Office 365 productivity and collaboration tools they know and love, including Word, SharePoint, and Excel, plus exciting new apps like OneDrive, Stream, and Teams. As of March 2021, the majority of our community will have migrated to Microsoft's secure and reliable Office 365 email environment

Managing change through the Office 365 Program

Microsoft's suite of products still has much to offer our community of users. Recognizing the investigation and implementation of new services and technology includes many moving parts and is likely to impact the day-to-day processes and workflows we are currently used to, we've launched the Office 365 Program, an initiative to help build awareness of and effectively manage the details of all O365 related work. 

You are encouraged to learn more about this program and the active 365 projects. 

Microsoft has renamed their Microsoft Office 365 (a.k.a Office 365) suite of products to "Microsoft 365".