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What is Teams

Microsoft Teams organizes teams and projects in one place, allowing members to collaborate quickly and effectively.

Central hub

A central hub

Microsoft Teams allows you to manage files created in Office 365 among your fellow collaborators, wherever they may be.

Team collaboration

Team collaboration

Everyone can stay up-to-date on the latest project status: Teams allows multiple people to edit documents simultaneously.


Chat and share files

Group and individual chat functionality, easy access to shared team documents, and integration of other 365 apps.


Get started with Teams


Request your Team

University employees can complete the Microsoft Teams form to request a Team.


Add Teams to a personal device

Follow these steps to download Teams on a personal device


Privacy and security


*Phone numbers of users who dial-in to Teams meetings are displayed to all meeting attendees.  

Tools and resources

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New Teams features 

class list

Roster auto-sync feature

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