Welcome to the Ontario Battery and Electrochemistry-research Centre

The Ontario Battery and Electrochemistry-research Centre (OBEC) fosters collaborative and interdisciplinary research on electrochemical energy storage and conversion materials and systems.

OBEC collaborates with industry and government agencies to develop cleaner, more efficient and environmentally friendly energy technologies for portable electronics, electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, portable and stationary backup power supplies, and smart grid systems. These new energy technologies will protect and clean our air, water and soil while improving the competitiveness of Canadian industry and the standard of living of Canadians. 

As the hub of electrochemical energy storage research development in Canada, OBEC is expected to attract to Ontario industrial battery manufacturers and cleantech companies that rely on new electrochemical technologies.


An interdisciplinary research team from the University of Waterloo aims to tackle CO2 emissions in the value chain by transforming CO2 into valuable chemicals needed by industry.  
Supported by BMO, the research focuses on the use of green hydrogen to capture CO2 from power plants as well as the iron, steel, and cement industries, and convert it into useful gases via reverse water gas shift reaction.