About Peter Russell Rock Garden

The Peter Russell Rock Garden is located between the biology and mathematics buildings on the University of Waterloo campus (see map below). It consists of over 70 rocks, mainly from Ontario.

The garden was originally designed to commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the University of Waterloo. It was opened by founding president J. Gerald Hagey on January 8, 1982. Once the first 23 rocks were gathered, the Geological Garden, as it was known, was officially opened by the Department of Earth Sciences on May 29th, 1987.

The garden has since grown to contain over 70 specimens including a Frank Slide boulder, anthracite coal, and even Wawa gold ore. Each specimen is identified with a cast bronze plaque which provides information about the geological name, age, location, and the name of the generous donor.

The garden is used to inform school children and other visitor groups about Earth materials and the geology of Ontario. University students study the rocks in first year earth sciences courses and students and visitors enjoy sitting in the attractive surroundings to study, relax, have lunch, or watch the resident birds and squirrels.

map of campus