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Rock Number Rock Name Picture
1 Lorrain jasper conglomerate
Jasper Conglomerate
2 Lorrain quartzite
Lorrain quartzite
3 Green Lorrain quartzite
Green Lorrain Quartzite
4 Gordon Lake Cherty Siltstone
Gordon Lake Cherty Siltstone
5 Gowganda Boulder Conglomerate 
Gowganda Boulder Conglomerate
6 Matinenda conglomerate 
Matineda Conglomerate
7 Keweenawan conglomerate
Keweenawan conglomerate
8 Keweenawan basalt
Keweewan Basalt
9 Jacobsville sandstone
Jacobsville Sandstone
10 Gneiss
11 Granite Gneiss Boulder 
Granite gneiss boulder
12 Muscovite-rich quartzite
Micaeous Quartzite
13 Quartz Carbonate Fuchsite Serpentinite 
Quartz Carbonate Fuschsite serpentinite
14 Carbonated Basalt with Quartz Veins
Carbonated Basalt with Quartz Veins
15 Carbonated Mafic and Felsic Igneous Rocks with Green chrome Mica Quartz veins and Pyrite
Carbonated Mafic and Felsic Igneous Rocks with Green chrome Mica Quartz veins and Pyrite
16 Larvikite
17 Altered Pyroxenite with Aphyric syenite dikes
Aphyric syenite dikes
18 Porphyritic Diabase
Porphyritic Diabase
19 Gold Ore
Gold ore
20 Banded iron formation (Magnetite)
Banded iron formation
21-22 Siderite
23 Cobalt-Nickel Vein
Cobalte nickle vein
24 Amabel dolostone 
Amabel dolostone
25 Lockport dolostone
Lockport dolostone
26-27 Dolostone with Calcite   
28 Laminated Eramosa dolostone
Eramosa dolostone
29-31 Potsdam sandstone
Potsdam Sandstone
32 Glacial Striae (scratches) on Lorrain Quartzite 
Glacial Straie
33 Calcite garnet pyrite
Calcite Garnet Pyrite
34 Magnetite skarn
Magnetite Skarn
35 Columbus limestone
Columbus Limestone
36 Epidote garnet skarn
Epidote garnet skarn
37 Anorthosite
38 Fossil Coral Colony Favosites
 Fossil Coral Colony Favosites
39 Calcite concretions
Calcite Concretions
40 Shatter cone shock structures, Sudbury Impact Crater
shatter cones
41 Sodalite syenite
Sodalite Syenite
42 Flake graphite in gneiss
Flake Graphite in Gneiss
43 Nepheline syenite
Nepheline Syenite
44 Folded marble
Folded Marble
45 Serpentine marble
Serpintine Marble
46 Rose quartz
Rose Quartz
47 Chalcopyrite
48 Nickel-Copper Ore
Nickel Copper Ore
49 Stromatolite marble
Stromatolite Marble
50 Stromatolite fossils
Stromatolite fossils
51 Amethyst quartz Breccia
52 Transition zone between Lorrain Quartzite and Gordon Lake Siltstone
Transition Zone
53 Purple Lorrain Quartzite 
Purple Lorrain Quartzite
54 Granite
55 Limestone, Frank Slide boulder
Limestone Frank Slide Boulder
56 Labradorite
57 Columnar Dacite
Columnar Dacite
58 Columnar Basalt with Periodite Xenoliths
Columnar Basalt
59 50th Anniversary Gneiss  
60 Slate
61 Lepidolite
62 Metabasalt
63 Tyndall stone Dolomitic Limestone
Tyndall stone
64 Porphyrite biotite granite
Porphyrite Biotite Granite
65 Nephrite jade
Nephrite Jade
66 Serpentinite
67 Peridotite inclusion in Serpentinite
Periditite inclusion in Serpentinite
68 Anthracite Coal 
Anthracite coal
69 Garnet Rich Gabbroic Anorthosite  
70 Shear-hosted lode gold in Breccia
Giant mine breccia
71 Oldest Rock in the World Tonalitic Gneiss
Oldest Rock in the World Tonalitic Gneiss
72 Red Granite   
73 Sediment-hosted Zinc-Lead ore
Sediment-hosted zinc-lead ore
74 Ophiolites  
75 Columnar Basalt  
77 Wallace Sandstone  
78 Redbeds Sandstone  
79 Lead-Zinc Ore  
80 Massive Sulphide Ore