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The following tours were designed to introduce the facilities and equipment that the Power and Energy Systems Group uses:

High-Voltage Engineering Laboratory

Electricity Market Simulation and Optimization Lab (EMSOL) - tour

CPH = Carl A. Pollock Hall building

ECE = Electrical and Copmuter Engineering

Undergraduate labs

  • Machines (CPH-1333):  ECE 362, ECE 261, ME 269
  • Power electronics (CPH-3681):  ECE 463
  • Power systems (CPH-3681):  ECE 465

Research labs and others

  • Machines and power electronics (CPH 1333, CPH 3681)
  • Electricity markets simulation (EIT 4151)
  • High voltage (CPH 1332)
  • Power Quality (CPH 1332)
  • Dedicated computer networks: Power systems and high voltage