Current Research

  • Modelling of gear machining operations (shaping, hobbing, power skiving, and virtual gear metrology)
  • Modelling and control of additive manufacturing systems
  • Synergistic framework for additive manufacturing and machining
  • Optimal trajectory generation for 5-axis laser drilling of aerospace components
  • Optimal trajectory planning for 3 and 5-axis contour machining applications
  • Virtual modelling and identification of multi-axis machine tool dynamics
  • Precision control of feed drives (ball screw, direct drive, and rack & pinion)
  • Modelling and measurement of the dynamics of ultra-precision machine components
  • Active vibration damping of chatter vibrations in machining
  • Advanced mechatronics and electromagnetics for precision engineering and manufacturing productivity improvement

Project Openings

  • Estimation of multi-input/multi-output models of machine tool structures from real-time process data and limited external instrumentation
  • Mechatronics, prototyping, and control of electromagnetic damping actuators
  • Manufacturing trajectory optimization, considering modelling uncertainties and part quality outcomes
  • Real-time trajectory generation for freeform (spline) toolpaths with enhanced optimality and computational efficiency
  • Automatic estimation of machine tool / feed drive dynamics for cutting force, tool wear, and chatter monitoring (for “Closed-Loop Machining”)
  • Expert system development for gear manufacturing optimization