Joint statement on Policy 76/77 agreement

The University of Waterloo and the Faculty Association are pleased to share that they have agreed on the terms of revisions to Policy 76 – Faculty Appointments and Policy 77 – Tenure and Promotion of Faculty Members, and related agreements concerning the establishment of a well-defined teaching stream at Waterloo.

The goal to formalize a teaching stream at Waterloo is longstanding and has been the focus of previous policy development committees and extended discussion at the Faculty Relations Committee. This new agreement followed the work of the current Policy Development Committee and included a period of mediation.

On Wednesday, December 6, the University and FAUW presented approved terms to the mediator, Michelle Flaherty. The agreement will now proceed through approval and governance processes according to the process jointly established by the University and FAUW at Faculty Relations Committee, and approved by Senate, when the current Policy Development Committee was established in Fall 2022.

The University and FAUW hope to be able to implement these changes from September 1, 2024, subject to governance approvals.