Equity Data Reporting

This initiative aims to provide transparency and accountability to EDI-related goals by collecting and reporting data related to diversity, equity, and inclusion over time. Despite the maxim that “what is measured, matters,” for far too long our University has collected only minimal information about the demographic diversity of our university (or departmental) community, thus obscuring any group-level gaps in access to resources or experiences of exclusion (e.g., based on socioeconomic factors, sexuality, religion, or race). As a first step, this initiative involves influencing others in our department to participate in the University’s Equity Survey (about individuals’ demographic diversity). Additional steps may involve: (1) working to get regular access to aggregated data for Psychology, (2) launching parallel data collections for other relevant groups (e.g., prospective graduate students, applicants for faculty positions), (3) developing easy-to-understand reports to share back to our community, and (4) collecting data about individuals’ experiences related to equity, discrimination, or inclusion. 

Are you interested?

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