Welcome to the Psychology Department’s EDI Working Group webpage

In Psychology, we are working to build an equitable and inclusive community in which all human rights are respected.  Students, staff, and faculty are invited to engage with informational resources, on-going discussions, and department initiatives to facilitate understanding and address systemic barriers to equity, inclusion, and decolonization. 

The information you find here focuses on the Psychology Department community. We also encourage you to take advantage of the many resources and events listed through the University of Waterloo’s Office of Human Rights, Equity, and Inclusion.

Ongoing and Past Events

Stay tuned for upcoming events! Past events include:

  1. 2023
    1. Nov
    2. Oct
    3. Jul
      1. Graduate Student Support Group

    4. Apr
    5. Mar
      1. Student Support Group

    6. Feb
      1. Black Excellence in Psychology

  2. 2022
    1. Nov
      1. Personal Statement Workshop

    2. Sep
      1. Student Q&A with Dr. Mesmin Destin

    3. Feb
  3. 2021
    1. Dec
    2. Nov
      1. Personal Statement Workshop

    3. Oct