Our Events

Our Executives work together to run many social and academic events throughout each term to help enhance your undergraduate experience and provide a way to connect with your fellow psych majors.

The types of events we run at the Psychology Society are done using your feedback - you have the power to make a change!  If you think there's an important type of event missing from our core events below, let us know!

Graduate School Information Sessions

Thinking of applying to Grad School? Not sure what your options are or where to start? Our Graduate students are here to help!

Gain honest and relatable insight into things like the application process, how to reach out to supervisors, what campus life is like as a Grad student, and more as our Graduate students share their own experiences and answer your questions. 

Alumni Panels

group conversation

University of Waterloo Alumni provide valuable insight on the inner workings of the fields they are in. Each Alumnus has their own unique story and experiences that helped them get where they are now, something that is especially true in as diverse and widespread a field as Psychology. Come learn from them firsthand at our Alumni panels!

Meet the Profs

Working in the fields of Organizational/Industrial, Cognitive/Neuroscience, Developmental, Social, and Clinical Psychology, our professors collectively offer an opportunity to explore a plethora of unique research interests. You likely won't get the chance to take a course with each one of our professors during your undergrad, so we want these sessions to provide students with a chance to network and ask our featured guests questions about their current work! 

Whether your goals are to complete an Honours Thesis or to simply satisfy your own curiosity for a topic you've been wondering about, you can meet our profs and ask away!

Therapy Dogs

Exam season usually gets pretty hectic, so why not take a break between all that studying and join us (and some pups) for some much needed fun!