The Analysis group is one of the main research groups in Pure Mathematics at the University of Waterloo, and a number of our faculty and students have won research and/or teaching awards.  

The current research interests of the Analysis group include

  • operator theory
  • operator algebras
  • classical and abstract harmonic analysis
  • fractal geometry
  • non-commutative and free probability theory
  • random matrices
  • linear algebra
  • functional equations and information theory

The Analysis group runs both research and learning seminars, teaches a variety of graduate courses, and is host to several visitors, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students.

Faculty members in the Analysis group and their areas of research

  • Brannan, Michael - Operator algebras, representation theory, quantum algebra, quantum information theory, mathematical physics
  • Davidson, Kenneth R. - Operator theory and operator algebras
  • Forrest, Brian E. - Abstract harmonic analysis
  • Hare, Kathryn E. - Classical and abstract harmonic analysis, fractal geometry
  • Kennedy, Matthew - Operator algebras and functional analysis
  • Marcoux, Laurent W. - Operator theory and operator algebras
  • Ng, Che Tat - Functional equations, inequalities and information theory
  • Nica, Alexandru - Non-commutative probability and random matrices, operator algebras
  • Paulsen, Vern - Operator algebras, operator theory, frame theory, reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces, quantum computation, and quantum information theory
  • Radjavi, Heydar - Operator theory and linear algebra
  • Spronk, Nico - Abstract harmonic analysis
  • Tatarko, Kateryna - Geometric functional analysis, convex geometry and probability, random matrix theory