About Leanne

Leanne Racicot

I use she/they pronouns (please mix it up!) and prefer being addressed by my first name, Leanne.
My Ph.D focused on hypervalent iodine, a class of reagents that can replace many heavy metals used in chemistry. I joined the Chemistry department in 2017 working with Dr. Murphy. I worked in collaboration with McMaster to develop ways to use hypervalent iodine to introduce radioactive fluorine into molecules that could become medical imaging agents. My passion lies in helping students attain their professional goals, and in 2019 I was lucky to start working as a laboratory instructor! So far I have taught CHEM 120 (in Beijing!), CHEM 123, CHEM 265L, CHEM 266L, CHEM 267L, CHEM 262L, NE 222L and NE 224L.

Throughout the pandemic, I realized there was a lack of useful online resources for organic chemistry laboratories that were also free for students. My journey in creating Open Education Resources started with a grant from eCampus Ontario and I am now interested in continuing the development of “remixable” tools, general use figures and background on principles taught in basic organic chemistry laboratories.

Connect with me!

Office: ESC 102A
Lab: ESC 104

Department of Chemistry, University of Waterloo
200 University Ave West
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
N2L 3G1

Email: leanne.racicot@uwaterloo.ca
Twitter: @RacicotLeanne