Completed PhD Dissertations

University of WaterlooWilfrid Laurier University 

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University of Waterloo

Kathleen Riddell (2023)

The Celebrity Imprint: "Religion" and Identity Among Fans of John Lennon and Johnny Cash

(Supervisor: Doug Cowan)

Chris Miller (2022) 

Out of the 'Broom Closet' and Into the Academy: The Development of Contemporary Pagan Studies and the Role of Scholarship in Shaping Legitimacy 

(Supervisor: Doug Cowan)

Scott Wall (2020)
Multi-sited Faith: Chinese Canadian, Young Adult Evangelicals and the Negotiation of Ethno-Religious Identity in the Greater Toronto Area
(Supervisor: David Seljak)

Christopher Emory-Moore (2019)
Renunciation and the Householder/Renouncer Relation in the New Kadampa Tradition
(Supervisor: Jeff Wilson)

Brassard, Brooke (2018)
Thirsty Land into Springs of Water: Negotiating a Place in Canada as Latter-day Saints, 1887-1947
(Supervisor: Jeff Wilson)

Celestini, Carmen (2018)
God, Country, and Christian Conservatives: The National Association of Manufacturers, the John Birch Society, and the Rise of the Christian Right
(Supervisor: Scott Kline)

Morlock, Laura (2018)
How it Seams: Religious Dress, Multiculturism, and Identity Performance in Canadian Society, 1910-2017
(Supervisor: Jeff Wilson)

Dyer-Witheford, Anne (2017)
Neospirituality, Social Change, and the Culture of the Post-Fordist Workplace
(Supervisors: Lorne Dawson and David Seljak).

Schuurman, Peter (2016)
Bruxy Cavey and The Meeting House Megachurch: A Dramaturgical Model of Charismatic Leadership Performing "Evangelicism for People not into Evangelicism"
(Supervisor: Doug Cowan)

Bekkering, Dennis (2015)
Drag Queens and Farting Preachers: American Televangelism, Participatory Media, and Unfaithful Fandoms
(Supervisor: Doug Cowan)

Read, Jamie Ann (2015)
"J'y Suis. Pour de Bon." Montreal Jewish Education and the Social Construction of Diaspora Identity 
(Supervisor: David Seljak)

Cutting, Christopher (2014)
Sharia and Constraint: Practices, Policies, and Responses to Faith-based Arbitration in Ontario
(Supervisor: David Seljak)

Puett, Tiffany (2014)
The Political Discourse of Religious Pluralism: World Religions Textbooks, Liberalism, and Civic Identities
(Supervisor: David Seljak)

Shrubsole, Nicholas (2013)
Religion, Land and Democracy in Canadian Indigenous-State Relations
(Supervisor: Scott Kline)

Stewart, Adam (2012)
Quenching the Spirit: The Transformation of Religious Identity and Experience in Three Canadian Pentecostal Churches
(Supervisor: David Seljak)

Patrick, Margaretta (2011)
Playing for Keeps: The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada in the Public Sphere, 1983-2006
(Supervisor: Scott Kline)

Feltmate, David S. (2010)
Springfield’s Sacred Canopy: Religion and Humour in the Simpsons (Supervisor: Doug Cowan)

Benham-Rennick, Joanne (2008)
Religion in the Ranks: Religion in the Canadian Forces in the 21st Century (Supervisor: David Seljak)

Wilfrid Laurier University

Sparkes, Jason (2020)
Tradition as Flow: Decolonial Currents in the Muslim Atlantic
(Supervisor: Meena Sharify-Funk)

Rigotti, Elizabeth (2018)
The Indulgence of Professionalization: Adoption Services, Maternity Homes, and Catholic Negotiations in American Society, 1895-1990
(Supervisor: Carol Duncan)

Dewji, Sahir (2018)
Beyond Muslim Xenophobia and Contemporary Parochialism: Aga Khan IV, the Ismā‘īlīs, and the Making of a Cosmopolitan Ethic
(Supervisor: Meena Sharify-Funk)

Anningson, Ryan (2017)
Theories of the Self, Race, and Essentialization in Buddhism in the United States during the "Yellow Peril," 1899-1957 
(Supervisor: Jason Neelis)

Brown, Rachel D. (2017)
Immigration, Integration and Ingestion: The Role of Food and Drink in Transnational Experience for North African Muslim Immigrants in Paris and Montreal
(Supervisor: Michel Desjardins) 

Armstrong, Suzanne (2015)
The Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario: Integrating Christian Principles with the Practicality of Farming
(Supervisor: Michel Desjardins)

McKeen, Leah (2015)
Canadian Christian Nationalism?: The Religiosity and Politics of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada.
(Supervisors: Jeff Wilson and Paul Freston)

Xavier, Merin Shobhana (2015)
Masjids, Ashrams and Mazars: Transnational Sufism and the Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Fellowship 
(Supervisor: Meena Sharify-Funk)

Albarghouthi, Ali (2013)
Interpreting on the fault lines: Ijtihad and religious interpretation among Muslim academics and community leaders in North America
(Supervisor: Meena Sharify-Funk)

Amarasingam, Amarnath (2013)
Pain, pride, and politics: Social movement activism and the Sri Lankan tamil diaspora in Canada
(Supervisor: Lorne Dawson)

Dickson, William Rory (2012)
Living Sufism in North America: Between tradition and transformation
(Supervisor: Meena Sharify-Funk)

Price, Lauren T. (2012)
Regulation of Religious Others within the Zero Institution of Canadian Multiculturalism, a critical cultural psychoanalytic study
(Supervisor: Chris Ross)

Weston, Ryan (2012)
It's not like going to church and singing a hymn: Performance, Identity, and Canadian Gospel Music
(Supervisor: Carol Duncan)

White, Marybeth (2012)
Enlivening the Buddha: Laying the foundations for the re-creation of Lao Buddhism in Canada
(Supervisor: Janet McLellan)

Bhikkhu, Deba Mitra (2011)
Dhamma Education: The transmission and reconfiguration of the Sri Lankan Buddhist tradition in Toronto
(Supervisor: Kay Koppedrayer)

Chandler, Siobhan (2011)
The Social Ethic of Religiously Unaffiliated Spirituality
(Supervisor: Lorne Dawson)

Hagerman, Brent (2011)
You can't go to Zion with a Carnal Mind: Slackness and Culture in the music of King Yellowman
(Supervisor: Carol Duncan)

Pearse, Holly A. (2010)
But Where Will They Build Their Nest? Liberalism and Communitarian Resistance in American Cinematic Portrayals of Jewish-Gentile Romances (Supervisor: Faydra Shapiro)

Atkinson, Andrew P. (2009)
Saltwater sacraments and backwoods sins: Contemporary atlantic canadian literature and the rise of literary catholicism
(Supervisor: Peter Erb)

Campbell, Patricia Q. (2009)
Knowing Body, Moving Mind: Ritualizing and learning in two Buddhist centres in Toronto
(Supervisor: Ron Grimes)