Marking for PhD Courses and Milestones

WLU # UW # Credits Title Required or optional How recorded at WLU How recorded at UW
RE700 RS700 .5 Religious Diversity in North America R Letter %
RE710 RS710 .5 Approaches to the Study of Religion in North America R Letter %
    .5 First elective course R Letter %
    .5 Second elective course R Letter %
RE702 Milestone   Language requirements R P/F CR/NCR


  General Exam R P/F CR/NCR
RE801 Milestone   Field Exam R P/F CR/NCR
  Milestone   Oral Presentation of Dissertation Proposal R P/F CR/NCR
  Milestone   Dissertation Proposal accepted by joint committee R P/F CR/NCR
RE898 Milestone   Public Presentation R P/F CR/NCR
RE899 Milestone   Dissertation R CPL ACC/NACC
RE6XX RS6XX .5 [other electives] O Letter %