Mission and objectives

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Our mission is to provide a platform to inform and guide discussion about the school closure phenomenon through the dissemination, sharing, and discussion of research. The audiences for this research includes community residents, local government planners, school board planners and administrators, and provincial policy makers in Canada.

Our intention is that school board planners and administrators will become more aware of community values and needs, the impacts (social, economic, environmental) of accommodation review decisions for communities, and learn about opportunities to collaborate with local government counterparts.


We believe that school closure decision-making processes must be designed to be efficient, effective, and equitable. The process of accommodation review must be truly consultative and collaborative in nature, informed by best practices and theories in urban planning and public participation.


Our objective is to design, inform, and implement, an accommodation review decision-making process that incorporates meaningful collaboration, and is appropriate and effective in multi-stakeholder environments, while also being applicable in different community and school board contexts.

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