ARC data

2014 data

Accommodation review data from Ontario

Interested in the number, status, or the location of accommodation reviews taking place in Ontario? In an effort to encourage greater transparency of information sharing, our research team has created an inventory of current ARCs across Ontario.

In these spreadsheets, you will find tabulated data for each of the four school board systems in Ontario, including: English public, English catholic, French public, and French catholic. Web links to both the individual district school boards, as well as the respective accommodation review web pages, are also included in the spreadsheets.

Due to the frequency with which accommodation reviews are undertaken, and the number of decisions that are rendered, it is difficult to keep the spreadsheet information current. However, if you have updates or new ARCS that you wish to share with us, please contact us. We also suggest that you contact People for Education for related information.

ARC datasets

To date, we have information for the following years:

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