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Center for Cities and Schools

The Center for Cities and Schools is located at the University of California, Berkley. They promote high quality education as an essential component of urban and metropolitan vitality to create equitable, healthy, and sustainable communities for all. They partner extensively with the Department of City and Regional Planning and are housed at the Institute of Urban and Regional Development.

The Opportunity to Learn Campaign

The Opportunity to Learn (OTL) campaign unites a growing coalition of advocates and organizers from across the country working to ensure that all students have access to a high quality public education. The campaign includes local, state and national organizations, grassroots community leaders, policymakers, youth organizers, business leaders and philanthropic partners.

Chicagoland Researchers and Advocates for Transformative Educations (CReATE)

CReATE is a network of over 100 professors from numerous Chicago-area universities who specialize in educational research and who work collectively to conduct, review, and distribute studies in order to promote public learning and dialogue about education issues. CReATE partners with educators, public interest groups, and community-based organizations. Our university-based scholars and educational workers are available for comment and discussion on topics raised here and in our publications.

Community organizations and alliances

People for Education

People for Education conducts vital research, answer parents’ questions, makes policy recommendations and ensures there is broad coverage of education issues in the media. Together we make Ontario’s schools great!

Save Lorne Ave.

Save Lorne Ave. is a community organization that has come together to oppose the closing of Lorne Ave. Public School, located within the jurisdiction of Thames Valley District School Board.

Community Schools Alliance

The Community School Alliance (CSA) strives to have municipalities become partners with school boards in making decisions about where new schools are built and where schools are closed. The Community Schools Alliance is seeking the support of a “smart moratorium” on all school closings disputed by municipalities. The goal of the smart moratorium is for the Ministry, schools boards and municipalities to work together and develop policies addressing such issues as planning for declining enrolments, a mutually agreed upon ARC process, a review of funding to rural and small community schools, and defining the working relationship, transparency and accountability between municipalities and school boards.

Policy advocacy

Reform Education 2011

The overall goal of Reform Education 2011 is to press the government to impose significant changes to the Education Act that would result in standardized basic policies and procedures by which all school boards must comply. Most importantly, collaboration with municipalities and alignment with the initiatives of other ministries, and a mechanism to appeal school board decisions to third parties.

Government legislation and resources

Ontario Pupil Accommodation Reviews

This link will bring you to the Ministry of Educations website for Pupil Accommodation Reviews, including information regarding school closures. Included accessible information includes specific information on the Accommodation Review Process, information on administrative reviews, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Ontario Association of School Board Officials

The Ontario Association of School Board Officials brings together dedicated professionals who are committed collaborative development, sharing and promotion of leading business practices in education.

Facebook groups

School Closures & Accommodation Reviews Ontario, Canada

This group was created for parents & community members throughout Ontario who have gone through an Accommodations Review of Schools in their community.Share your thoughts, your stories and lets do what is right for the children. All children deserve the right to attend a school in their own community.

Nova Scotia Small Schools Initiative

Putting schools at the centre of rural revitalization.

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