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As part of our mandate, School Closure Policy Research believes that it is important to begin a conversation about the issues and challenges associated with accommodation reviews and school closures. In part, this is achieved by reaching out through media to provide objective and unbiased commentary on this matter. The launch of the SCPR website received immediate media attention from various outlets, and has garnered an ardent response from parents, concerned citizens, and researchers across Ontario who are deeply passionate about this issue. In this page, SCPR has highlighted some of the media response we have received, including correspondence with newspapers, interviews, and attention from both the University of Waterloo and Western Ontario.

SCPR will continue to update these sources as the conversation grows. The dialogue and correspondence contained within these conversations serve well to articulate our position on this matter, and highlight some of the key issues surrounding accommodation reviews and school closures. Please take the time to read through and have a listen. As always, we encourage you to contact us and share your experiences, stories, and insights.

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